Get rid of tethering

Why? Why was this pointless feature added when there’s glaring issues that need to be fixed. Now in the middle of fighting the mob randomly takes off to reset point and Regenerates full health. Stop the world of war craft junk. No one asked for this, and no one wants it.


I found you a bit aggressive but i can see your frustration that explains it. So in lower volume :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i tottaly agree with you.

I also agree !
fix please
bow and arrow is not usable :frowning:


It Should stay, just adjust the range…

Tossing out a idea cause its not working 100%… why…

Several of Bosses, need some adjustments. Or have Healing not be so high.

Some of enemies, need abit better wiggle room.
Boss Elk will only chase 10-15feet before reseting… Despite being able chase you down.
Like Hyena who can chase to …well almost anywhere.

Few pathing issues that need some adjustments in Summoning Pit and Mounds so they don’t reset as often.

I still think, maybe remove tether in South beach… Let people hide on rocks, as a blue eye’d croc stare hem down for 4-5mins, till it gets bored. Not as Surv-y if it runs back home instantly…

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(Get rid of tethering-conan exiles - YouTube ) copy and paste :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

fix please

Yea might have came off angry. But instead of fixing the game they add features no one asked for that makes the game more frustrating instead of more fun. Seems like a, “justify my job” feature.


Perhaps this is better reported as a bug, using the structure for bug reporting.

Currently, it’s walking into a place of business and yelling at the folks doing the work for the policies they have been instructed to implement. It is a zero sum exchange.

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I have mixed emotions about it. I think it makes sense for them to wander back after we leave aggro range, but seems odd that they spontaneously give up, go back and power heal.


Its not a bug, its an updated feature. And we all know how bug reports go. How long have rhinos pushed thralls under the map, and trapped you under their chin? Same with dragon mother. There’s bugs that have been out for years. Yet, they add this “feature” that causes mobs to sprint back to spawn and magically regen all hp… yea ill report it as a bug.


I agree, after agro is dropped it makes sense for them to wonder home. Just not warp, or run back at Usain bolt speed.

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it’s stupid!!!

bow and arrow is not usable in the game now

look at the clip

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LOL! your cheesing the enemy by standing on a foundation?

Why not try it without the foundation and lets see what happens.

Go ahead , ill wait.

the life of the wolf goes straight up again as soon as you climb on something,
not fun if you fight with a boos long and life goes straight up again as soon as you climb on something

you don’t have time to recover your life!!
true ?

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Well i cant say if its true since most wolves i meet end up dead.

I dont carry around foundations around to lay down and jump on.

Tethering has no place in a survival game. Its supposed to be “realistic” and immersive. And yea the AI is still terrible. My suggestion to the devs is go play dark souls, a game launched in 2011 and see what decent AI looks like.

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I do, otherwise you can exploit everything because of their dumb AI.
It’s one of the best additions so far, among the rest of the AI improvements.

It was dumb way before tethering. Only difference is now it will randomly disengage from combat and warp back to spawn with full health.

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They’ve said it’s to prevent the cheesing of bosses, probably to prevent dragging world bosses back to your walls and having it murdered by 20 thralls.

It’s probably also because some people lure them to destroy another players base, even outside of raid hours.

I know, I know. Sometimes a bug can persist for years, no matter how often we report it. But some bugs we report do get fixed.

How many bugs that no-one ever reports get fixed?

It’s not that a bug report causes the bug to magically disappear. But a bug report does increase the odds of it getting eventually fixed from zero to greater than zero.

What if you’re not exploiting, you’re not dragging it out of range, you not cheesing it from a unreachable area, you’re just fighting something toe-to-toe… and it still resets & insta-heals? How is this good?