The tether system for NPCs is still completely unacceptable the way it is

The tether system…….never have i felt so unmotivated to fight enemy’s in a game that can just stroll away and heal, never have i seen such an unfair mechanic that’s forced on us as players. Never have i see such a worthless addition that feels more like a F your time then anything.

The tether system is complete bs that forces us to play by certain rules when npcs don’t have to play by similar, it’s always a group fight with npcs that have massive stun resistance already, can combo thru all attacks and then if the AI chooses it just walks away and heals, I’ve seen them break there own tether to get a kill on a player then retreat while healing……seen them make their own tether shorter just to bail on a fight their losing.

Please implement something other then this crappy tether system. It’s a motivation killer, it’s unfair, it’s stupid, and the quick healing is broken with how fast it heals thralls.

Do we really need to be forced to play by certain rules like this against npcs? No, no we do no.


Sounds almost. . . .human.


i agree with the limiting it to bosses and maybe 3 skulls, let basic npcs get lured or dragged, some of those instances made for fun little fights when npcs would be out of their camps strolling around after getting lured out, wandering patrols almost, which is something I’d love to see added

Well I was never a fan of the tether system. Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away, someone used to kite three skulls across the map just to see them eat another players thrall mosh.
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they could have solved this easily by making world bosses not damage bases, i mean there’s really know reason for it when we have raids and purges lol.

I miss being able to make bosses fight each other, black yeti and white dragon was a blast to lure to each other. Sucks people had to get cheap and lure them to other peoples bases wreaking it for all.

Hmmm i feel like I’m supposed to know who your talking about lol, a hint is needed :joy:

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Doesn’t most games now have a tether system, thanks to Everquest 1 where there was no tether system (Mob trains was the norm). For Example, run a good distance from ESO mobs and they hit you once when they catch up and then break combat to return to their base location.

Myth of Empires has a tether system as well, although there is a bit different where you get a certain distance away from the mob itself, it would break, versus distance from its spawn area.

Trying to recall Dark Age of Camelot, EQ2, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Star Wars Galaxies and Star Wars The old Republic all did.


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I agree that the tether system, unfortunately, was not an improvement over the old aggro system.

Not every update is a success, and the enemy tether needs to go the way of the thrall hunger system.


The old system allowed for NPCs to simply be cheesed. We all did it. Let’s be honest there. But just because we all did something, doesn’t make it right. Doesn’t make the game in a better state.

Now… with that said. How far are you all trying to pull mobs? Because it still feels like stuff will chase me for a long while when I’m riding my horse around the map. And even if I stand on a ledge they cannot reach, they don’t immediately run back and heal. Sometimes I can get many killed before they even decide to leash.


The old system was not ideal and there was a valid reason why Funcom thought to change it, but the new system is worse.


I’m going to be honest here. I don’t see how. The way NPCs tether on the server I play on seems to work like in many other games I’ve played that use a similar system.] Its very rare that I get something to turn tail and run away when using ranged attacks on it. Usually because of some weird geometry (custom map).

I’m wondering if its problem that is server specific. I don’t play officials and I haven’t seen any tethering problems (except in a blue moon) in the last few months.

I have a real issue with people calling other peoples tactics cheesy.

Maybe this is just online gaming 101 and I have not really played that much, so I missed that class, but I just do not understand how someone else “cheesing” a mob affects yours or anyone else’s game play, I am sorry.

When I first started, before OP followers, I used to climb on a rock and shoot them with arrows, then I was told that is “cheesy”.
Real Heroes go tow to toe and fight it out with a huge sword and a dozen heal potions, because using heal potions is NOT cheesy, apparently.

I am not singling you out Taemien, it is this bonded machismo male mindset that is irritating.
Amusingly, the same people calling other people cheesy, want MAGIC in the game so they can cast spells to kill mobs, which to me is “cheesy”.

Rant off.


I’m not calling other’s tactics cheesy, I’m calling what I found to be the most effective way of completing the game to be cheesy.

Imagine if you were playing Super Mario Bros. And just got the bright idea that going Left instead of right. And it completed the game. You were of no danger of any pits, no goombas, no bullet bills, or firebars. Just hold left for a moment and the game completed.

There’s no macho thing about this. When a single exploitive playstyle becomes so overbalanced it needs to be fixed or mitigated. And the reason I said it was exploitive, is because it wasn’t intended and that has been stated in some of the livestreams.

Some of you may consider it a legit playstyle. Funcom doesn’t. They do not want it in their game. They have that right to make that decision. Think about that statement right now. This isn’t talking about your opinion or mine, or any other players. It is the creators of the game making a conscious decision to outright something they do NOT want in their game.

This goes beyond balance. This goes into the territory of what kind of game they want to make. And suffice to say, they do not want the barbarians in their game sitting on pillars and rocktops making pincushions out of everything. They don’t want to work on that game.


First of all, that analogy is one of the worst I’ve seen in a very long time, but that isn’t particularly relevant, I already understood your point of view without it.

I am not pro-cheese, in fact that’s one of the primary reasons why the tether system is so bad, it is still cheese, just in favor of the NPCs instead of the players.

The correct solution is to make enemies resolve the issue of being unable to reach their opponent, either by giving them some form of ranged attack, or the idea to run away from an enemy they can’t fight (theoretically, the tether is supposed to accomplish this too, but it does it very badly).

The wrong solution is to make the mechanics worse. I don’t think this was a conscious decision by Funcom, I think they expected the tether system to actually work well - which it doesn’t. If a plan flops and the cure is worse than the disease (which in this case, I am 100% convinced it has and is), then undo it and try figuring out something different.

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I agree with @Tephra here. Although the old, non-tether system had its issues, the tethering system was worse out of the two evils. Here is why I feel this is the case. For PvE, kiting a World Boss across the map gave players at least some means to clean up the abandoned bases and followers from players who had quit. And in PvP, it was a viable and fun tactic. Which brings me to my own mode: Singleplayer. I actually had great fun doing the same thing in Singleplayer mode, kite a World Boss to my own base, then myself and my slaves would all test our mettle against it. On occasion, I was even able to make World Bosses fight each other, which was tremendous fun to behold. Then there were the more direct negative impacts of the tethering system on Singleplayer mode. If we die when facing a World Boss, the rate at which they regenerate their hp is insane! In the 5 seconds it takes for the respawn timer to countdown and the game reload, the enemy is almost always back to 100% health when I resume play. This isn’t a problem for clans because someone else can keep their aggro and circumvent this, but for Singleplayers we don’t have this luxury.


Like I said before. I’m not seeing the issues you are describing. I’ve already said that I see mobs following me for a long way. I’d even say they follow too far.

And if we all are seeing the same distances (I’m assuming we’re not which means you all are encountering bugs, so report them as such). Then you are spending most of your time running than fighting. In which case I’m sorry to say but it makes sense for them to return to their home. Their quarry effectively eluded them. Congratulations you all effectively ran away in this case.

The alternative I see happening is that they just pursue you until either you or they die. And if they can’t reach you, they do like purges do when they can’t find a valid point and spawn on top of you (the old Everquest method). But this would make for a really painfully slow experience traveling, especially in Siptah.

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Agreed, high grit and lots of rolling is what works for me too. In fact, every time I try to switch to heavy armour, I find the slow down means I get damaged more than if I wore light or medium. Sure, that occasionally goes badly if I manage to get myself trapped into a corner by three or four npcs (and/or my own follower…), but even then the extra stamina seems to get me out of it more often than the extra armour.

Yeah, I tend to find similar on singleplayer - if anything I’d say mobs follow me longer than they used to (I wasn’t here before tethers were initially introduced, or at least don’t remember the difference, so have probably never seen that) - often the most reliable way to escape if I’m just travelling and not looking for a fight is full gallop to get far enough ahead of them that my follower teleports - that seems to be the only consistent way I’ve found to end pursuit (and sometimes takes more than a full stamina bar on my horse - though arguably that’s as likely due to aggroing new things as I go). I’ve definitely had a few times I’ve been surprised to find something still following me long after I expected it to tether.

That said, I have also had a couple of problems (especially with Unnamed City dragons) leashing back mid fight because I backed off too far, but a couple of times it’s even been possible (if quick enough) to regain aggro before they got home and healed. Otherwise it’s the old ‘restart the fight’ which is a pain, but I can live with it. Not that I’d be opposed to seeing tethers removed (or at least lengthened) - but I would also like to be able to take a quick run through an area without then having to fight every single mob because otherwise they’re going to follow me ‘forever’…

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Then what’s your viable suggestion to replace it? The things I disagree with “suggested” I’ve seen so far is:

  • Make bosses do no base damage (Seriously? Think outside the box a little bit. Pass)

  • Make it so you can kite basic NPC’s but not bosses (Pass, can still be abused in a variety of ways)

  • Change it back to the way it was (Hard Pass)

  • Remove the heal (Pass, can be abused)

I’ll agree that tethering can be completely removed, under certain conditions.

  • All NPC’s all be given a range mechanic, or some way to attack those at a height advantage (Which, unlike what is suggested in this thread and the 5000 other times its been suggested, would take significant effort to do).

  • All NPC’s be able to cripple effectively or be given a chase down mechanic, thereby making it so running away has it’s disadvantages too

  • All NPC’s will return to their spawn point after x amount of time of not being damage (as otherwise, players can and will abuse the crap out of it. )

Basically, the viable solutions would require significant investment of time and resources. Can be done, but is it worth it? That’s up to Funcom to decide (they have commented in the past of wanting to give NPC’s more ways to attack at range, but again, time, resources, worth, etc). Otherwise, I see this as a minor issue.

I would be fine if it could be configurable via server settings (either to off, and/or to allow an easy way to set the range). I can’t remember if there is an existing server setting to do this, but I don’t believe so. That way people who want to sit on a rock and shoot the bosses without any danger, can do so (which why don’t you all just turn on God mode in that case. I see it as the same thing).

Tephra, this is just a bad take. “Not a conscious decision.” It isn’t an either or, like they didn’t decide to put in tethering instead of revamping the entire game combat mechanics. Those are no where NEAR the same weight. It is possible to not like something without throwing insults at the dev team. I’ll once again point out what I already said above.

More accurately would to say that Tethering was seen as a solution for the time being, and to revisit it down the line with something of more substance if given the chance to. Rather then a “not a conscious decision.”


I mean cheering is gaming 101. But how many would raise hell if they didn’t tether and instead allow NPCs to climb or break rocks, or even better the while city agreed you and surrounded so you couldn’t escape. Using spears to stun lock you?

yep. Most dont realize a str perk 3 is sufficient at level 60 and with Star Metal or greater weapons. Most of the damage output is from the weapons rating atvthat point. More stam means better defensive and counter attacking.