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Region: N America

Indoors, I had a Yog shrine under a 3 floor roof. I started the pit upgrade then left. When I came back the pit was erased from the game. Placing a replacement pit, upgrading and watching: A 4 floor tree shoved through the ceiling but completed properly.

So this is a bug report suggestion combo. Maybe ‘reserve’ horizontal and vertical space around the shrine. Placing shrines are bad enough since there are never error messages saying (Too close to another shrine) or whatever the issues are.

Or maybe just shorten the stupid tree… Yog Pit starts out 2 high. Upgrade makes it 4 high. Upgrade again, now its 3 high.

Derketo does a similar annoyance: The upgrade palace fits into 3 floors, the final upgrade clips through the ceiling.

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Hey @Zaphod86

Could you check the event log and see if there was a loss of stability?

Event log is blank. I have no entries.

this hapenned to us to but ouer shrines where already placed for a long time with alot of coins actualy, and they sudently dissapeard.

Remember to adjust the event log filters and sliders accordingly (distance, days passed and so on).

Its set to default; I’ve never changed it… 7 days everything checked.There are no entries.

You should change the value of the search radius to the highest setting especially if you’re not standing right where the shrine was. It defaults back to 1000 when you open the menu so it won’t mess anything up if you’re worried about that. Might also help if you just looked at buildings.

I swear the log worked just by opening it in the past… Now I get it. “submit” means show the log. From my point of view that button label makes no sense.

I did alot of building since then. The log doesn’t go back far enough to when Yog shrine vanished during its upgrade.

The floor is solid foundation, but as I mentioned its in a 3floor room. An upgraded Yog wants 3 1/2 floors. When I watched (For the replacement shrine) the tree clipped through the ceiling but completed just fine.

My suggestion still stands :slight_smile: make shrines 3 floors high. The yog shrine is 2 then 4 then 3… thats silly.
And I hate that my derketo shrine is phased into the ceiling: that shrine needs 3.1 floors.

Thegreater wheel of pain too. Ihate that it 3.05 floors.

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Thanks for the additional info @Zaphod86
Sending note to our team.

This is a known bug and happened to numerous people. It’s one of the more common posts actually, on here, Reddit and couple other forums.

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