Upgrade to Yog Abyss...and it Dissapeared

Soo, I finally gathered up enough materials to get the final level of the Yog shrine (Abyss) build and last night I started the creation of it. I then log’d out for the night only to find that the whole thing is now missing.

I checked the Event Log and:

You can see from the Log that the Abyss had lost stability??? huh…

The foundation has been there for weeks now and none were missing when I log’d on…
Those foundations have held the level 1 and 2 Yog shrines…but for some reason when I upgraded it to the level 3 Yog Abyss the stability was lost?

So I’m thinking that one of the following occurred:

  1. The final shrine’s footprint is much larger than the level 1 and 2 shrine’s footprint and when the level 3 shrine was finished building, it wouldn’t fit on the foundations. (if this is true then there should be some warning that ‘you can’t create that here’ or ‘you need more room’ or make all the shrine’s footprints the same as the final level)

  2. This is a Bug and I need to report this in the Bug Forums.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the feedback >.> <,< >.> “crickets crickets”

Anyways, I rebuild all the shrines on the same foundation and this time I was able to make the Yog Abyss shrine…sure wished I’d get all that damn brick back…hint hint, nudge nudge,…anyone here…sooo, alone…

Same thing happened to me. When I re-built, i made sure I had some extra room and it was on foundations. I have read it moved slightly when upgraded so that probably meant it overlapped with something and went poof!

Altars need a minimum of 4 width for 5 length foundations. But if you want to build around the altar it’s a minimum of 6*5 foundations to have enough room for walls on all four sides. I think T3 altars need 3 walls height to be able to close the roof, but I’m not sure. I never put a closed roof on an altar. I prefer to left it open so the coloured light could still reach the sky above. It’s a beautiful sight at night.

anyway the light ray reach the sky with or without a roof :stuck_out_tongue:

It disappeared due to the upgraded size and model not fitting or coming into conflict with a conflicting item or structure so it removes it. Anything inside it, is dropped as a bag on the ground but you lose the upgrade and structure. You can get around this with no restriction mods, but that doesn’t help on consoles or non-modded servers sadly. :frowning:

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