Shrine of Dercketo Disapear?

**Game mode Single-player
Type of issue: Bug

[Describe the bug here]
Hello i play Conan Exiles about 270+h and i put shrine of derketo i want upgrade it and its just disapear .

This hapend to me first time.
1.i just gather all materials
2.start to upgrade
3.and go to kill boss before its will be ugpradet
4.i come back to me base and it was gone .

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Unfortunately this happens still from time to time with shrines. Derketo but also the other. Shrines are tricky to place, and if the ground isn’t really flat around, a part after upgrad going under it, the shrine will vanish in thin air.
You’re in singleplayer, so not a real issue, you can easily “cheat” one in. It’s just a replacement after bug after all i mean. But up to you ! :wink:

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Well i forgett about this , and build another and its almoust upgradet to max now:) I was just angry becose i have in this shrine priest t4 so now i must farm him again , i dont use admin panel.
Sorry for me English but its not me strong side :smiley:


Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and we have fixed it in our latest Testlive patch. We estimate it will be released live mid-February.
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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