Shut it down for good

This game is done. It’s a waste of time trying to maintain the game when the remaining toxic player base is hellbent on ruining pvm and pvp with stat-stacking, massive multibox farms, and using tools to deliberately crash zones practically every day. My advice to the management: keep billing these idiots, and quietly pull the plug. you will probably retain a sizeable fraction of revenue from people who forgot they were subscribed to the game years ago while eliminating 100% of operating expenses, and you can move all your resources to other games which, unlike AO, have players who actually deserve developer attention.

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Please sell the IP to someone that would care for it! :wink:


Easy for you to fix.

  1. Stop logging into AO.
  2. Stop trafficking the website.

AO and player base no longer exist to bother, frustrate and annoy you.



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