Silent Legion armor set


does anyone happen to know roughly how high the chances are to get the silent legion armor set out of the boxes? Really want that set but not trying to spend hundreds of dollars and not get squat :smiley:

Buy 10 of them an pray to Crom :pray:

Crom doesn’t care about your puny prayers.

The odds 1 in a 1000? There’s a reason most say loot boxes are a form of gambling.


Damn… guess I’ll just have to admire people that have it :smiley:

You could buy it from the tradepost for currently 1347 G. It may be cheaper than buying tons of boxes.


I don’t have quite that much gold. And not sure how to make lots of gold these days since I just got back from a long break. I used to craft and sell Ibis swords. But looking at the shard prices and weapons that are easy to get these days I’m not sure that that’s still a good way to make money.

The hardest part according to these forums is to get past the 10g limit