Simple idea to fix walking issues

Personally, I love walking in video games. It gives me a greater appreciation for the scale, and I notice a lot more details. I’ve noticed that the walking in this game is really weird. First, the camera totally changes positions to where you can only really see your character’s legs, and it’s like the camera is centered at the chest instead of the eyes. Second, it’s actually buggy. Sometimes my character just bounces around for some reason, like walking seems to sink my character down another cm or so, which interferes with other meshes. Lastly, if you’re encumbered (like 100-5%), your character moves like a snail. It’s absolutely awful.

If you run while encumbered, however, the animation is a perfect walk! It’s like all of the bad things about the current walk mechanics just vanish. The camera stays where it should, my character doesn’t sink down and bug out, and it simply feels natural.

Suggestion: Set the walk function to replicate the effects of 100% encumberment (without all of the warnings and such), but scale the real speed with actual load so that you’re always “walking” when truly over 100% encumberment.