Simple Map Platform Design + Resource Cost

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Here is a simple guide to building a simple round(ish) platform for a Map-Room. I figured I’ll be building a lot of these on my private server, so I made this.
I meant STAIRS not RAMPS. My bad.

The total for the small map room version is including ramps. I missed that as I was creating it.


Why the ramps ?

8x8 block works too and is much quicker to make.

I meant stairs.

@Nemisis Yes, 8x8 works but is not appealing to me.

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Ceiling tiles won’t work because of stability. Look at this CEWiki page :
How to close a Map Room

What Yensu propose is a lot more huge. Enough to make stability a big problem if you want to use ceiling tiles rather than foundations. So to avoid it you’ll need to put foundations at the center, the purple ring on Yensu’s drawing and the outer ring. I think it could work with ceiling tiles like this, but having not tried it I can be sure.

Yes it’s huge. But it’d make a beautiful arena, coliseum like, with a mix of Aquilonian and Blood & Sand building.

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