Simply put, Oops my base disappeared

Game mode: [Co-op | Singleplayer]
Problem: Base disappeared
Region:[United States]

Both abandon and decay off.

I have built a few bases in the water, some around 10k foundation blocks. Before the walls or base is built.

I log in and it is gone. My abandon is turned off. And decay time reads -.

I would upload pictures but it says im unable too. I will try to get those soon.

1.Make a 32x44x6 foundation.
2. make walls and base on said foundation.
3.Log out.(Go to main menu then,close application )
4.Log in ,base is gone.

Repost since other was closed

Hello @KBeaudry1985, thank you for reaching out, you should be able to upload the pictures now.

Please be sure to include pictures of the Event Log as well.

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It still insist that I cannot upload. I am using screenshots from my ps4. I may try to add them to reddit and then post.


Read some posts give a like need 2 know you are not a bot


Still adding likes. I am currently building another base with far less foundation.

Row of foundation
Three ceiling tiles
Another row of foundation

Hopefully this method puts less strain to the system.

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