Single button combos?

As a ranger, some of my melee combos (deft stabs I) and all of my ranged combos feature a single button only, without the screen prompting for a follow-up key. In the description on these combos, there is a cryptic line stating “upper attack bonus blah blah; lower attack bonus blah blah blah” Does this mean I have to hit any upper attack button (left center right) after activating the combo in order to gain the full benefits? Or do I have to hit the upper attack button at the same time I am activating the combo (old school Nintendo style)? Or should I just hit the combo key and forget about follow ups? The last option does not seem to kill opponents as well as the first, but then again, I made it to level 20 fairly easily my first time just mashing keys with my eyes closed. I really want to learn how to do it right this time. Thanks

ranger has an unique mechanism (at least in this game). when you perform a white hit, you get a buff. 1, 2 and 3 will give you an “upper buff”, q and e will give you a “lower buff”.
then when you perform a “combo”, it will consume these buffs and apply the extra effects that are described in the combo text.

the idea, according to what the developers wrote when they revamped the class, was to make it more flexible, and let you decide on the fly which buffs you actually needed, and not to be forced to perform all the combo steps all the times.

You have to hit 1, 2 or 3 (if you want the upper buff), or q or e (if you want the lower buff) first befor you hit the combo.

Thanks, this is really helpful. I also found a little info on the old ranger forum; is there a more detailed source for this info? Also do you think this same formula applies to my melee combo (deft stabs) , the description of which is laid out in the same format (no button follow ups) and my ranged combos?

i don’t think anybody really bothered to make a more detailed description of the mechanic. maybe there was something on the testlive forum, but it’s not accessible anymore.

also deft stabs, shield bash and cripple works the same way.

Go find some mob and perform 1, 2 or 3 attack (upper attack). Keep an eye on your buffs on top of the screen, “up arrow” will show up there. It has a timer before it expires (5 sec?). If you do q or e (lover attack), “down arrow” will show up. It will also renew timer on upper attack (or any previous “arrow” timer), if it didn’t expire in meantime.
These are the buffs skill description are talking about. If you use skill before those arrows expire, these buffs will be consumed and applied to the skill.