Single player / Co-op crashes part 2

I’ve heard that having too many torches might be the reason for the crashes, but I’ve also identified in particular things that make it crash. If I wait a certain period of time after loading into the game before entering combat, it usually won’t crash. However when one of my tamed hyenas get attacked during whatever arbitrary period of time it is that this happens the game crashes instantly without fail. It might be partially due to my friend and I placing too many torches but it doesn’t matter now because I can’t fix it my game is now in an infinite loop of crashes. I don’t know if it’s my fault or not but I wish this didn’t happen.

Try loading up the other map first in SP mode. Once it loads up, exit, then load up the map you’re having issues with in SP. I’d also recommend clearing your cache and / or resyncing your profile.

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