Single player hard freezes

Game mode: |Singleplayer]
Problem: | Performance
I load my single player game and have hard freezes. I mean its bad like Im talking every 45 secs. The freeze might last 2 secs or last 1 min depending on where I am and what Im doing. It wasnt like this always…I removed my mods and tested it on a clean new game…same problem…Im hoping to get some feedback on what could cause this problem. I want to play the game as love it but I cant due to the freezes. I also notice the shadows are always blocks now there is not real shadows. I turned the shadows high to low and it just looks awful

Hi ! Same problem for me in single player…

can you please add some useful information?

you hardware specs? fps ingame? are you hard drives old and do you use ssd or normal ones?

maybe some pc specs, and some informations more would be helpfull.

I play this game for a long time now, this on my server and of course also lot in SP. This often with many mods and a long loadorder to test, and i don’t experiment that.

Try verifie-files, and maybe your pc has a hard time with this game. Without infos hard to tell. Did you try lower your graphic-settings ? Try the low-end pc settings ?

Processor AMD FX™-8320 Eight-Core Processor, 3500 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

Ah and my Hard drive is the a Sata…

Bare in mind I have ran this game with little to no freezes before. I do have an older setup so alot of this is on my end I guess I would love to hear from any of you about how to get this freezing to stop.

ssd, the answer to many troubles, believe me.

I run the game easy, same proc, same GPU nearly, and 14 mods

Also maybe you want explain

what do you mean by that ? old save ? What are your graphic-settings, what did change, or what did you change when it happened the first time ? Do you have mods ?

Is an ssd that much faster…Im talking about my gpu etc when saying “old setup” and I think after going thru the paces…its a mix between a save game that might not be in the best shape and a few changes I made following a terrible stutter fix tutorial…Seems the tutorial wasnt for all setups. I went back and undid alot of the things I did during the tutorial and alot of the long freezes are gone…The game still stutters but I guess its playable now at least.

there can be lot of things going wrong. It’s summer, are you sure you’re pc isn’t overheating ?
A good cleaning is important from time to time.

I don’t know how long your system is in use. What cooling system you use. Because, yes, the cooling-system is very important with AMD.

I run this game without noticable troubles with an AMD FX-8370 clocked at 4.10 GHz, of course bit faster than yours. And same GPU. This with mostly hight-settings, just lowered some shadows to medium.
Processor can get old of course, i changed mine now near 18 monthes ago, and i new GPU is waiting the end of the summer in the box.
AMD was coming with poorly made proc cooler, so this can be a great trouble if you didn’t change it for a better.
Also how many ram do you have, you didn’t say. I think 16ram is now a minimum while 32 has become more and more standart now.

There is a low-end pc settings included in the game to, did you try it to see if the stutters stop if set on it ?

Memory Leak?
I do not get hard freezes but after a few hours of play I start getting micro freezes and frame rate drops.

My rig is OK.

1 - EVGA 1080Ti SC black stock settings, fan curve boosted. Yes it is self overclocking.
1 - MSI x99-a motherboard with latest bios
4 - CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2666 MHz stable)
1 - Intel i7-5930 socket 2100-v3 overclocked to 4.2 GHz (stable at stock power settings.)
1 - Coolermaster Nepton 280L CPU water cooler, Conan exiles is running in 50 degree range.
2 - Samsung 850 EVO 500GB (not in raid)
1 - Cooler Master HAF X case
1 - EVGA 1000W platnmum power supply
1 - Samsung u28e590d 4K monitor

I run it at 4K ULTRA without Anti Aliasing, FPS in the high 50 to the max of 60 FPS, except in my very large, thrall infested base. There the frame rates are solid, in the very high 30’s and 40’s.

Here is an example of times vs memory used.

Boot 2.1 GB total memory used (includes OS software, networking and utilities to track system power memory use and temperatures.)

Steam boot 2.5 GB total memory used

Conan Single Player up 6.8 GB.
After two hours 8.7 GB used, slight FPS drop
After four hours 10.6 GB used and FPS dropping even more

After the system uses ~ 11 GB of memory, FPS is now to in the 20’s to 30’s at the base and it starts micro lagging. This is when I quit the game and re start it.

Since modders use YOUR library package this effects them as well.

I once was a coder.
Then I became a coder - player.
I evolved into a player - coder.
Now I am mostly a player.

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