Single Player hussle => Single player to weak

Hi there,
I am playing single player. My conlusion is, the game is not managable as single player without mods.
One thing is, the temperature effects of cloth is allways one. No way to go to the north, even with dessert chilly. Maybe this is a bug among others.
Second, I only can have one pet or thrall. No way to win a fight against 5 Northmen.
Compared with a fight in a group of PVE on a server, single player with one thrall is impossible. On a server, we went with 3 PVE plus an animal each to fight against whole villages.
Leveling: I played to level 60. Not enough to be strong enough for a sabre tooth tiger.

All together, I think, It is not possible to play single player without mods (better Thralls, no temperature effect, Max Level etc.) and still then I die sometimes.

Do other players have the same impression, or am I simply not good enough?

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It is definately slower and harder to clear out a big camp such as the Mounds or New Asagart, or kill a 3 skull boss, but not unmanageable. You have to have a plan, not just jump right into the middle of an action.
Now with the new stamina system it’s a bit more harder.

It doesn’t matter if you have 3 thralls or more clanmates, if 5 cimmerian fighter corners you and constantly stunlocks you, you die within 2-3 seconds, the help can’t come to you that quickly.
My advice is to get a thrall with gas arrows, tag 3-4 different enemies to it, throw an orb right in front of you and wait till they come to get you. Equip a shield and a one handed axe and use heavy attack full combos. (Aaand a gas mask of course!).

Don’t waste locust poison on them, they already have lowered HP because of the gas cloud and you kill it just as quick with 1 or max. 2 heavy combos. Leave it to the sabretooths, especially for the badass who are on another level, I have to accept :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

To be honest I play mostly alone with a thrall ( since I play more often than my clanmates ) and it’s not unmanagable , as @rolee9309 said , you cannot go into a village without a plan ( trying to aggro the lesser amount of npcs at the same time ect … ) , also it depends on your gameplay and how much you want to spoil ( internet research ) but , armor is not the only provider of heat for the north , spicy food in combination with alcohol or spiced beverage can also help , furthermore once you’ve reached lvl 60 you can craft exiles epic versions of the armors that will provide better insultaion ( in combinations with a T4 armorer for the very best )

followers have various levels , pets are not so great in general , greater sabertooth might be good in pvp , but it’s not the best to go fight a boss for example … and thralls are really wide ranged in terms of damage / health they gain while leveling to 20 , you want to aim for named fighters ( the ones with yellow health bars , and to help you use any leveled tier 3 fighter by giving him a truncheon ) also the more north ( with vulcano , mounds of the dead named fighters and relic hunter treasure seekers at the top of the list ) the better ( in general )

since thralls can’t loose durability on their armor and weapons , put the very best legendary you can ( best is to give them 2h sword for big ennemies , and 1h mace for smaller targets ) in their hand with no shield nor other weapon in their inventory , and the heaviest armor with the best bonus you can craft ( vitality if your thrall end up lacking hp or generaly go for strengh ) and give them gruel , for additionnal bonus to strengh % while leveling , plus it’s cheap and heal them pretty good !

also use ( and remap ) the command buttons to send your thrall first into the fight so he catches most of the aggro !


of course , the control wheel only appears if you press long enough normally ( and if you remap the commands you will see than you can make a different key for attack , stop and return also instead of having to press the same key 2 or 3 times )

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I only use sabertooths in Siptah’s vaults. And for NewLuxor and the 5 skeleton Bosses in the northeast, i use a named thrall, those skeletons will bring a lvl 20 sabertooth unser 20% vitality After one SINGLE fight.

I use sabers in vaults only because u fully complete a vault faster then with any other thrall.

To answer the topic.

I mostly play solo, only lately some people camed back to Conan so i am not always alone. This comes also with experience, planning and also to know what you go up against. BUT, at some point and after some more hundreds of hours u’ll find the game easier then you thought.

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It varies… in SP, you can adjust setting to be abit more fair… or balance it out do to lack of players.
Like up-ing damage to 2.0, or knocking stam drain back so you can roll/dodge more since your only one fighting.

I personally do not use a Pet/Thrall that often… I kinda went into game in Souls Style of play…

Combat has improved over years… making abit easier, (on console, so can’t speak for later changes)

Few Bosses, that really need pets/thralls for cause of set up. New healing sound like it’ll destroy solo play abit…

Then again… I’m spoiled by MH and DD:DA… and CE is abit slower gameplay wise. Its not very hardcore compared to some games.

I remember having a few issues when i started out… once I got use to menus and combat, I slowly adjusted default setting over years to make the game fun. I find default pretty boring and dragged out, or food/water drain way to fast.

I pretty much live in SP, since most of officials aren’t worth playing.

i never had much of a problem running solo on officials server… all i ever done for 4k hours most part…

There is a lot to learn in this game, but the sad reality is once you have the top gear and top quality follower there is a shortage of good challenges. Get a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker (Exiled Lands) or Aesir Berserker (Siptah) (of course there are many other good t4 fighters) and epic armor and weapons and you can solo just about anything.

Use points in Survival to increase your character’s base tolerance to extreme temperatures. Then use Vanir clothing. Even if it has one ‘pip’ of cold resist, its actually more than just 1. The pips equal more than that, but round down or up (I can’t remember which).

You either need better equipment or more practice. You should be able to easily beat them without a thrall depending on equipment, level, and personal experience.

My first 800 hours in the game was without mods. After which I added mods to actually get HARDER content. This game seems daunting at first, but gets incredibly easy once you get the hang of things. Just keep at it.

All of the content in the vanilla game can be solo’d without a thrall. Personally I would recommend going without a thrall for a while. They are incredibly powerful compared to a player and you can get a false sense of security if you’re not tackling challenges yourself.


Exactly, I never use the wheel, I have preset keys for all of my thrall commands.

I usually get a little wild sometimes and ride my war rhino into New Azgarth with one of my tank thralls. I can pretty much clear it out in about five minutes, taking minimal damage.
There is something about the Rhino that just messes with the AI attacks.

This. You can also use the axe while riding a horse. Makes it kind of fun.

relic hunters or junk, lian far better… relic hunters have more hp yes, but their dmg sucks, and they suck at pulling agro cause they dmg is so low, they only good for ppl that never intend to help with the fight… cause if you hit the npc then it will turn to you and since the relic hunter has such sucky attack dmg it has trouble pulling the agro back… sometimes more hp isn’t the the way, but sadly most everyone thinks that’s the way to go… but you lvl up a lian the right way you wont ever need a treasure seeker. and to be honest since the nurf the treasure seakers became archers not stand fighters…

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This doesn’t work well at all. I put 50 points in survival and all does is increase the time until cold death from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Try it yourself and see what happens. Survival is a garbage attribute that should be removed from the game or significantly revamped.

You can manage extreme temperatures with constant consumption of cooling or warming food/drink, but even that is unreasonable how frequently you have to consume something.

I don’t bother with temperature extremes unless I have gear that passively protects me - champion armor, solspeil, mistmourn, dragonscale helm.

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Agreed, I actually have better luck with Lians than I do with Berserkers.

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Yeah, if you want help with temperature effects, go for vitality. The second perk helps with temperature resistance, and the passive regen from the third perk synergizes with it.

That said, it’s not going to be enough on its own if you’re thinking of running across the Bridge of the Betrayer in your undies. Or at least, that’s the way it used to be last time I tried it.

If you want to remove the Hard Worker perk from the game, you’ll have to prize it from my cold, dead hands :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or a János.
He has the same stats as Lian. He has no 100% chance spawn location but can be found in several Nordheimer camps. Best bet is the Wardtowers, there are 3 possible spawn locations (each tower).

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I feel they broke things and can make improvements for sure. I definitely feel SP is too difficult, especially starting out. Casual is what many people, especially working class prefer when in SP mode. Everyone I’ve played with has left to other games because the changes Siptah brought and namely the Thrall changes. I miss Thralls that actually Tanked for you and haven’t noticed them do so yet without yourself running in circles till they focus on your Thrall, if, and until you get too close and/or hit them again. MP is much different when with people. But SP… I don’t see how to get good gear etc without paying more than it’s worth to attempt it. I’ve also only recently come back but won’t play/don’t have the time to waste on fights etc without the use of HP Mods etc personally

I cannot stress enough the importance of server settings for Single-Players. Adjust the damage you do, and the damage NPCs do, until you’re comfortable with the difficulty.

As for the north: there are some areas where no amount of temperature protection will keep you safe. It’s not a matter of single player or multiplayer - there is no extra warmth in huddling together with other players. Just avoid those regions, or run quickly. through them once you’re comfortable with your knowledge of the area so you know where you’re going.

The learning curve of the game is high. I would not recommend rushing towards the north until you’re familiar with the controls, how various equipment works, how to design bases, etc. Five Northmen at a time isn’t supposed to be an easy fight, but once you get the hang of things, it’ll be doable at least.


Doing the Pride of Aesir quest and crafting the armor will help with the cold.

Killing the wigh boss for one of the recipe pieces, running up there through direwolves, sabretooths, then fighting frost giants in the freezing cold temple while they coldsnap you, killing Hrungnir and the frost smith is pretty tough. AAAND you need star metal… You need just as good cold protecting gear as the armor set itself, such as the epic reptilian one. Fiery hot food, a torch and if you are luck the Solspeil helps a lot plus the Eye of the Watcher (but killing frost giants with it is time consuming).
So for me, the Pride set is more like a must get item, not a utility one :grin:

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