Singleplayer wants to use his army

All the challenges in CE are cut out for multiplayer.

Idk, maybe this idea is not new, but a simple way to make the game better in SP would be if i could use all my kickass-thralls and and higher sabertooths at once to follow me.
That way i could take on bossfights and dungeons solo with ease. Also it gives a perfect reason (aside from purges) for building up a large army.

I think maybe there are mods to do that, and only do that, but all i want is a menu-option for SP.

An even better thing would be to make content where i need an army to reach certain things, but of course eventually that would make a new and different game (which i would love).

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lower the purge requirements. you will be attacked multiple times a day and you get to use your army. the content is designed around duo play so in 99% of the situations you and a thrall will do

Forgive me but I don’t understand the issue you have your suggestion would “fix”.

I play PvE-Conflict, so online, but I have regularly boss fight and all other PvE things in solo without any problem.

Large armies in this game are required (they are a real need now sometimes) just for purges.

With a 60 lvl character well equipped and a follower I assure you you’re able to win each fight.

You´re right. I am just thinking about ways to use the army i have:smirk:
Also i am not looking for a challenge (i did a lot of these fights solo, takes time, not my taste). I am looking for ways to make things easy… then i feel i beat the game, in a way. So i can fight 30 minutes with dodging and healing and snake arrows etc., or i can build up strong thralls with epic armor and weapons and sit by while they own the giant croc (ok, that takes much more time, but totally my taste).

Ok i will do that, i´ve got everything exept Blade of Crom. Just today i got Zavek! :slight_smile:
And i am not “fixing” something, i just thought it would be a nice and easy to implement feature for my SP immersion.

Only 3 thralls can attack a single target at once. (Well 3 fighters. Sometimes the archers will help them out) That’s ok because as zerog said a well equipped bandit leader can kill anything solo.

What you suggest would be nice to see but I imagine it would put a lot of strain on the servers.

I mean Single Player only.

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