Single Player save is broken

Two days now I have built my base. Only to log back on and the building isn’t recognising me as the owner. I then had to pull it down and rebuild it. I just logged back on for it to do the same. This time I had no clothes and my base isn’t registering as mine. I’ve put a lot of hours and money into this game. It turns me off the game. How do I get this to worK? I can’t keep rebuilding which takes hours and hours only to not be able to use it.

If you are playing singleplayer, you can set the option ‘ignore ownership’. You need to be admin for this what is in single player only click the button make me admin.

If you set it to ignore ownership every character you create or join you as coop can use all buildings.
There are more interesting settings for singleplayer if you don’t known. For example you can set ‘allow build everywhere’ what gives you the freedom to build wherever you want to.

This ignore ownership is not the solution to your problem. It seems to me that your character resets after log in.
Maybe try to start a new game. Via admin menu you can get everything spawn everything you need and even set the level you want.

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this sounds like a save corruption issue, are you having saving issues on any other ps4 game?

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No I’m not. It’s only on Conan I’m having this issue.

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