Sins of the Father in Besieged Farmlands

The cameras are bugged in this instance.

Everytime I try to get the achievement, a camera sees me outside it’s range or through the walls.

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Also, the mission is ‘bugged’ in that it doesn’t seem to reset the achievement on leaving the instance as reliably as a number of others, e.g. The Castle.

Yeah that camera in particular doesn’t quite match its light cone. To do it consistently I wait til it turns to the right, then get into the corner under it, wait for it to flip back, go do the switch, and then back into the corner until it points at the switch again. It looks like you could sneak up to it along the wall in either position and I guess if you stick to the wall you can, but if you’re even a few centimetres off it’ll see you.

One of the other cameras in this mission is in a room with non-shadowing pillars which is kinda a mean trick, since you can’t hide behind them if it gets a yellow bead on you. It’s the room across the hall from where you are, the pillar in the back left corner next to the switch doesn’t stop the camera from seeing you.

Luckily you only need the achievement once, after that you can just ignore most of the cameras and run straight to your objectives, they don’t hurt enough to matter on speedruns.

It’s sad that, when something works right, another thing goes wrong. Jumping over lasers is more responsive in this mission than evading the signs in the “Last Train to Cairo”, but the spatial modeling seems to work well along the train. And there are other two missions in Scorched Desert where jumping over a couple of lasers inside the houses of al-Merayah can be frustrating, but the cameras works just fine.

Imo the relaunch was a squandered opportunity to remove all the wonky to broken, too often jump’n’run “stealth”. Instead, they improved a few of the early Sabotage missions to dupe us into thinking they actually cared, but actually broke more than they fixed for the later ones.

Unfortunately, SA proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that’s due to an unwillingness to admit the bad stealth mechanics are an issue, or there would never even have been that wonky laser tripwire that’s giving people no end of trouble…