Venetian Missile Crisis unfinishable bug


Of course, once I get there I went everywhere except where they tell me to. That’s just a given. So I found and killed the “boss” guy. Don’t remember what he was called, but once you walk towards him you get stuck in a blue forcewall just like any dungeon boss. I beat him, cleared the warehouse, cleared everywhere outside, cleared the other warehouse where I wasn’t supposed to go. No I go to where it says, clear the first warehouse, find the papers, go to the second. It’s still empty, I grab the clipboard. Go to the third warehouse. It’s still empty, but now the mission doesn’t update. I’m standing at the missile crate and it still says “Search for the stolen rocket shipment”. So either don’t let us do things out of order or have the mission be intelligent enough to realize that we did.

Dropped mission and exited. Everyone respawned when I came back.


It sounds like the intended sequence was broken, which confused the mission. Thanks for the report. Players shouldn’t be able to find themselves stuck like this if they go out of order. You may be able to reset if you leave the instance and try again.


Yea, I said that. I don’t think I needed to drop the mission, though. Just exit and reenter. Still, the final warehouse is just open and waiting for you right from the very start so it’s that easy to break it.


Agreed. We’ll give it a look. Thanks again.


Whereas I completed the chain in order and clicked on the helicopter during the final attack at the helipad but this landed me in London with the instruction to head back to the compound and break into a fully repopulated third warehouse and fight the end boss all over again.


That’s because you probably didn’t give the rocket launcher back to the Venice dude before clicking the helicopter.


Usually you would be prompted if you lose progress when leaving an area. If that wasn’t the case it should definitely be added.


It does say that. @ungeheuer-nightstand didn’t pay attention to it, it would seem.


I did everything in order, but it wont let me give the rocket launcher to anyone


If the mission states to deliver the rocket launcher, just press F on one of the venetian agents. The crosshair wont turn yellow, so that could be what confuses you.


Just had this very same thing happen (killed the ‘boss’ first). Waiting on a GM, but am thinking that all the time I spent clearing this instance has now been a total waste…

GM could not help, but upon re-entering mission after exiting, the mission tracker had me going to the third warehouse. At least I didn’t have to start completely over.


we should not able to board the helicopter with the launcher in hand.
First: security concerns

second: I dont like to kill the boss again and fight the Mobs again to get the chopper again, so I can actually finish the quest


Yes, because the “Are you sure you want to leave? You’ll lose mission progress.” message is too obscure. :man_facepalming:


if I recall right, the only way to leave the instance till u down the last crap is, porting.
So if u kill all stuff, chopper comes back. It is completely natural to tab the copper to leave the instance.

But yes, if i take my time and read the nortification I will get the conclusion to put the launcher in Hand of the dude.

But we are talking about the last 1% of the quest. its literally, tab dude, tab chopper


There’s also a radio that Venice conveniently leaves on the helipad if you want to leave midway through the mission.


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