Venetian Missile Crisis Redux


So, after today’s patch it seems you can no longer use the folders in the first and second warehouse from below or from the fork lift. I even went in with an alt to verify and noticed the same behaviour as on the main char.

Thank you for making VMC the slog it’s supposed to be !

Oh, and you forgot to add an invisible wall to warehouse #3 so you can’t jump across the boxes to the guy guarding the RL. That totally needs an emergency downtime and a hot fix if you ask me.


While I am not against bugfixing I am against fixing stuff in a way that it makes issues larger.
VMC is the pain of the three faction missions and way to slow to complete in contrast. Making it faster and more streamlined should be the first goal, one can make it harder afterward across the bank if one feels the faction missions being to easy.
Same with the climbspeed on ladders. People sprinted up them because it was to slow to bother with. Doing everything to force it on people is not good. If you fix sprintclimbing than at least increase the normal climbspeed.

What displeases me with the whole thing is that it’S using dev resources that are limited for stuff that wasn’t needing a fix because it didn’t cause any damage but eased issues.

Nuff ranted…


Actually, the change to ladders and the changes to missile crisis are both good for the game because now there’s no excuse not to fix them for everybody. :v:


Boycott VMC. Convince everyone in your cabal, all of your friends to boycott it. Let it sit there as unused code until FC does something about it. Warn new players about it so they know to do it once for any achievements / lore, then to not go back. Completely isolate it until it’s a screaming sore thumb for FC.

And if you’re a AO vet from early in the game, you’ll remember Sabalum and why it’s significant here.


I did not play after patch yet but from what you are saying you can still complete without killling, it makes it what ? 20-30 seconds longer ? Using the folders from below always felt like not working as intended to me, a borderline exploit. Jumping up and reading them, since they put there the fork lift, felt more “clean” :slight_smile:



In the first warehouse you have to go up the ramp and unless you have a way to not getting interupted by 4-6 enemies while being cc immune at the same time you need to remove those first.

In the second warehouse you have to go up too, but there it’s the long way across the whole right half of the building and that path is guarded by around 10-12 enemies.


They key is, and has always been for me, to go up, aggro mobs, jump down, kite untill the mobs usptairs start running their way down, jump up again and read. The first ramp is easy and you will not even loose sprint doing it. The second one, if you cannot jump up from boxes any more, is a bit longer but still doable (I used to do it at beginning before finding out about boxes :slight_smile: )

I made a build for VMC run, only heals, defense CDs and interrupts at 100% def AA, it helps a lot when something goes wrong.