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Heyall, been awhile since i posted anything. Been having an issue with some things and was wondering if maybe they might be in a pipeline for fixes.
Was wondering about quick sheathing weapons, maybe tapping the wheel button may work i dunno🤷‍♂️.

Build mode and combat are so jumbled together that trying to place pieces means my character wants to kick or fight if i gotta flip or adjust them, making it very frustrating.

I have motion blur shut off, but there’s like a trail of my character’s silhouette everytime i turn or go near water.

Going into the swamp is like stepping into a hazy dream.

I recall sometime before the official release, there was a memory issue causing problems due to all the unlocked recipes in your inventory. Is the team going to make it so the recipes from the DLC show up only in their respective benches? And why have higher tier buildables in player inventory, why not put those in their respective benches aswell?

I understand the team is busy, and not really expecting a response. But it would be extremely cool if these things maybe looked into, and hopefully adjusted?

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Not staff but I don’t know if they intend to do this. They’ve got an Aquilonian and Khitan (I believe) artisan bench, but the rest I think are going to remain in traditional benches. And I think this is due to the fact that it would require anyone wanting to build DLC stuff that is not purely for decorative purposes to build more workstations and that wouldn’t really be fair from a competitive standpoint.

And I think a similar reason is behind the fact that building stuff is all in inventory rather than in benches. It would make building any sort of tier 2 or 3 structure very difficult. You’d have to mine all the materials, refine them into their respective parts (Hardened brick, shaped wood, and steel reinforcements) then take them to a work bench and form whatever items from it. While individually their mass is shrunk down (1 wall piece weighs less than the materials to make it), you’d have to have a lot of encumbrance trained up to carry a stack of foundations. On top of that, if you make a mistake, that’s now a bit more costly as you have to demolish it, then go back and make another part, or if you decide you want to do something else, you couldn’t do it on the fly. Might not seem so bad at a base, but when you get further out and have to travel further, it can add up.

That said, perhaps something like an option to hide buildings you can’t make or DLC you don’t have might be nice (Don’t thiiiink it exists, think it’s only just hiding objects base on type).

Hey EP,

Thanks for your suggestions!

This is already on the X key on your keyboard :slight_smile: On controllers it should be the Y button.

We’re aware of this issue and it’s on our list of bugs to fix.

At the risk of sounding like I’m “well, actually-ing”, it’s not related to motion blur. It’s more like a residual ghost image thing. We’re aware of it, but at the moment it’s not a critical issue.

It’s a dank swamp, so it’s a bit misty, but I’ll make a note of your feedback :slight_smile:

Currently, only the decorative DLC items are located in their respective artisan workstations. Weapons are in Blacksmith Benches, Armors in Armorer’s Benches, etc. It’s so there’s consistency to where you’ll find each type of craftable item. You also avoid a lot of running back and worth, as Rennia says, between workbenches.

We know that it can be a lot to scroll through to find that one building piece you need, but that’s why we added the search bar in the top right corner. I’ll write up a suggestion about improving it, but our current focus right now are critical bugs and issues (like exploits, etc), so I can’t promise that it will get attention immediately.


Thank you for replying😊 great to hear this stuff already being looked at. I know you guys are busy with higher priority things, and i appreciate it.
Also, is there a setting i’m missing for the sheathing, and search bar?
On PS4

@ EntwinedPuppet

I believe the search bar is located only in the “Feats” Tab, I don’t recall it being anywhere else.

The Sheathing option is basically you just use your hotkey for it i.e. if it is mapped to up on your dpad then you just do that.
Hope this helps

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