Demolition Man Tier 3/5 not working?

Trying this evening to use the mortar on the truck on the bridge by the pumping station in Scorched Desert, I’m unable to blow up the truck, and once I click the mortar to use it I’m unable to do anything else. Is this a known issue, or is it new?

Are you talking about the rocket launcher on the roof? It’s very finicky to get it close enough to actually blow up the trucks. It needs to be fixed for a bit longer range, but you can do it, just a PiA.

I got annoyed one time and went and just killed the trucks which worked, but you can use the mortar, just keep moving and spamming the shoot key.

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Thanks for the advice, tried for about 25 minutes before I gave up. I have done it before on other characters; this wa the first time I tried it grouped though, not sure if that adds an extra pain…

Finally worked for me after restarting client after ungrouping