ATC (mission) Tier 3 bug on first attempt


For the mission called ATC, tier 3, which is to locate a control panel to begin switching off the EMP field, there was a deadly bug. The zone marked at the destination was a tiny circle right in front of an Orachi guard (more specifically a laptop on the hood of a minivan with a guard right in front of it). I looked for a way to distract her, and then tried to sneak up to the lap…

After being knocked out and dragged down back to my hole, the destination for that quest was then properly placed as normal.

EDIT - Secondary oddity : the achievement “Super-spy Plane” (i.e. remain unseen doing all this) was somehow given to me (?). I presume the green checkmark means it is done.
EDIT 2: never mind the achievement bit: I got it when doing it the second time.

The good(?) news on the achievement is that you can repeat all of those missions and retry the achievement then. Some of them also let you reset it while doing the mission, if the mission hasn’t progressed significantly.

I believe the way it should work, is that the orochi guard walks up to the laptop once in a while. Unfortunately this mission is known for, uh, breaking its npc AI?. You also sometimes have unreasonably placed guards infront of the entrances to the undergroun lab area.