Siptah, annoying loud SFX sound from the storms

This !!DAM!-!!DAM!!-!!DAM!!! the whole time makes me mad. Is there any way to get rid of this sound? I get headache from it. It is really really annoying. Please say there is a way… maybe delete a soundfile or something… Turning down complete SFX is not really the solution. But I really can’t take this sound the whole time. What should this be? Migraine Simulator V2.0? Who comes on such ideas? DAM DAM DAm DAM DAM DAM DAM DAM DAM… total loud , nearly all the time. Really, who comes on such things?

I found same here

and a feedback from Sept.

“We’re aware of this, it’s been reported on a few threads over the past few days. Our team is looking into it.”

Well, if after this time it does such problems I could explain the solution:
You take the audiofile of this noise, use an audio editor, edit it to be not so loud and press save.

And if you do this it would be a good Idea to do this also with the drums in exiles at the Summoming PLace. Also far too loud. This could result in Tinnitus/Damage to hearing and could lead to civil processes if anyone gets real problems.

I don’t understand the problem why this wasn’t done. To unpack the soundfiles, edit the sounds, save and repack, it takes maybe 1 hour. Now that post i found is a bit older, not? While the sound is really so loud it could damage peoples ears, the only option you have is to turn down any sfx, which is an awful solution.

It is in any way not understandable for me that a company isn’t able to change this in months…

I don’t even speak of the possibility to have a seperate audio slider for such special effects, as I know this would be pure science fiction to dream of such things…

Funny thing is if you read further:

This issue should be resolved with Hotfix 2.0.2:

If this issue persists, please post a comment in the above thread.

Well, the thread is closed. The issue persists. Months went by. My ears are aching, my head explodes and i hear BAM BAM BAM! To be loud is not ever some form of art even if some heavy metal bands might have another opinion…

Um, I don’t mean to be rude, but just how high up do you have that volume knob turned?

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On an absolute normal level. I am of an older generation who is not used to play music on 99db. So if i have sfx on normal level to hear surrounding sounds like birds or wind, whispering trees, the sond of the Summoming place and the Spitah Dam-Dam-Dam is horrific.

Now I saw a video lately that onboard soundcards often have too high outputs on some frequencies. So this is a problem that might occur only to a part of people cause of fabrication issues of onboard soundcards. Still, an extra audio slider for those effects would solve the problem in an elegant way. I hope the company could do something like that cause I can either turn surroundings sounds very low and immersion is far less or have this bad bummm bumm bumm.

I also don’t want to be rude but am very very annoyed by those loud sounds, and the issues with sound cards are known and common. So I don’t think customers have to buy high end pcie soundcards, I think the programming company should find a solution.

And still I believe even if it would be a soundcard thing the noises are too loud and maybe youngsters are nowadays more used to annoyingly loud music or noises. As I am not the only one (see the link) I think it is not a problem about how loud I personally hear something. It seems an issue also others had…

I remember such problems only with Bethesda Games like Fallout series, but the other way, that radio and people with helmets were too silent and you had to change the .ini files. If at least the company would give such .ini files to adjust things…

In which way? Sounds of Drums in Exiles Summoming Place and the special effect in Siptah DUM-DUM-DUM is still extreme loud. At least for me it is so loud that i get headache from it… Summoming place you just have to be here and there short. In Siptah you can’t flee from it.

Yous see, this is not a thing about “bah I personally have no problems with very loud sounds, so what?”, it is about customers like me who are disturbed by such loud effects. I am surely not the only one, as i never had such loud noises in any game, which are unbalanced to the rest of the sfx sounds. Maybe it is really a soundcard thing, but as I am sure that I am not the only one having this issue there should be a solution, at least maybe an .ini value you could change. In a modern game it should be possible to program “normal surround sounds” and special effects on seperate channels and give the possibility to adjust… And alone this loud DUM DUM DUM is a KO factor for Siptah for me.

So i don’t mention this problem out of nothing, it is a problem. Same with SYSTEM SOUNDS like LEVEL UP . They are in my system too loud in balance to the rest of the audio. I have sfx sounds at 44% atm, still level up sound is very loud. Somehow this isn’t balanced.

So any special effect sounds like the drums of the summoming place, the noises at Siptah with the storm or the system sounds are in my system not balanced with the rest and far too loud. As this is the only game I ever experienced this I don’t think that it is my hardware, at least not to a point to say this is normal.

It was much louder before.

ah, ok, now I understand.

Well seems noone has similar problems or knows something what you can do. I personally think taht it might be the (cheap) onboard soundcard together with the expensive Sennheiser Headphone which seem to make the sounds so irritating. I thought maybe someone has an idea. I move this thread now to support.

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