Surge lightning sound

Can you guys turn the “Thump. Thump. Thump” sound from the wild surge lightnings off? It wakes my dog.


Hey BlackSheep,

They are looking into nerfing the sounds from the Surge and Maelstrom:

They are also making the sounds more natural:

I have moved this post to the Isle of Siptah subforum as it provides feedback on the DLC.

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I would also hope they are looking at making that a more natural sounding thunder/lightning strike. Right now that sound effect sounds like a hammer striking metal. Everyone that I have communicated with stated the sound itself is annoying not just the volume of it.


I think they are. I’ve added the relevant thread to my comment :slight_smile:

They also commented on a thread that I had posted. I know they are looking into it, but what that means is still a mystery. :slight_smile:

This issue should be resolved with Hotfix 2.0.2:

If this issue persists, please post a comment in the above thread.

Problem fixed. Thank you IoS Team.

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