Surge SFX volume

First day and I’ve had lots of fun on the new map. But there’s one thing that keeps bothering me and I can’t get used to it: the SFX that announces a Surge. For the love of Mitra, please tone down its volume, it’s really too loud.


i concur “cthulhu” is way overboard with his tentacle thunder


Yes it would be nice that you only hear it when you are in the vicinity of the Surge! It’s too loud and annoying. Also I have been through more than twenty of them and where are the higher tier thrall? Level 1’s aren’t cutting it.


I think wild surges are not suppose to have those. My guess, based on what I have seen in the trailer - you have to find the specific spot and trigger Surge manually, possibly by resource “offering” of some sort, and the amount and/or quality of the resource you bring will improve your chances of getting better thralls :thinking:

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That makes sense. Thanks! I have enough decaying eldarium to launch a surge. I will try that.

I am personally happy seeing more support for this. It is too loud agreed :wink:


I made a comment about it yesterday, but not quite so eloquently. The “banging” sound when a Wild Surge starts and the constant “roar” is very annoying. I had to log out of the game because of a splitting headache yesterday.


We have been playing with the volume off entirely, which isn’t ideal :frowning:


Yes harsh and annoying! have 20 at once on map cycling randomly in what seems like every few minutes.


This issue should be resolved with Hotfix 2.0.2:

If this issue persists, please post a comment in the above thread.

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