New isle.. nerf the dang boom boom boom

man no1 wants to continuously hear that f*ckin storm like that its ever few seconds… tone it down man! geez… after a hour I went to a different game its blowing my ear drums out how the hell was that not in the test alpha yall did good god!..


The thunder is just a tad too loud. Toning it down a few notches wouldn’t hurt.


Just be glad you did not hear all the yelling and swearing here when we downloaded and played for the first time.
Mrs, Mrs Jones died 3 minutes in.


Agreed the maelstrom/surge definitely needs some work. Even without that constant BANG BANG BANG the storm goes on for an obnoxiously long amount of time.

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It does not sound like thunder to me. It sounds more like a hammer banging on metal. Lowering the volume and going to a more natural sounding lightning/thunder sound would be much better.

I too had to log out because of a headache created by the constant noise.

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By the way are there puppies anywhere? I’d like to have a couple of those nice Alsatians in the future.

Agree. It’s too loud. At first time I could not understand what was happening, since I was building my house and I haven’t been looking the environment. I thought that maybe it is a bug.

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Yes, the puppies are on the SE side near the temple/building area, and I think someone on the map mentioned on the west side of the island.

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Hey there,

We’ll send note to the Siptah team to lower the boom boom and go a bit more with the bam bam.
Thanks for the feedback.


Thank you very much. So far loving the new map and leveling experience. Just don’t like how loud that clashing sound is when wild surge appears. It could definitely be softened up some.

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You can put a new sound configuration item, for environmental sounds (tornado, boom boom boom, etc)
It’s torture to have a base around some tornadoes


Personally, I looooove the boom!

Thank you, would be nice to add more sounds other than boom booms, something otherworldly :^)

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This issue should be resolved with Hotfix 2.0.2:

If this issue persists, please post a comment in the above thread.

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