Feedback: Audio for Wild Surges unpleasant

As stated in the title, the wild surges have three strikes per cycle that “pound” quite loudly. That’s a very unpleasant sound audio file when gaming for a few hours.

Please either reduce the sound to a distant low, bass rumble or something much quieter. Or give players the option to have the Wild Surges give ‘silent’ strikes.

But as it is now, the audio choice for this event is unpleasant for long-term gaming.


Your general volume setting, is probably to high. Take it from someone with tinnitus.

I had to turn down sound effects and master volume is a bit harsh

That’s a good suggestions, but I’ve already reduced the sound levels. I have hearing issues as well, and thus, have at my disposal a sound meter for measuring volume in rooms and so forth.

When the game is playing at my already-reduced volumes, the game plays sounds like birds chirping and wind blowing at about 58-66 decibels. In other words, fairly quiet.

When the game plays the sound for the Wild Surge strikes, it jumps to 84-86 decibels. In other words, borderline hearing damage.

Put simply, the ratio of sound from the base game events to the sound of this particular audio file is too loud. This is not just an opinion; this is measured.


It needs to be lowered. To lower the strikes volume to a reasonable sound level the rest of the game becomes whisper quiet. Devs need to make an option such as “night mode” for those really big, loud events. Or they need to tone down the strike sound, diffuse it a bit with rumbles like thunder. As it is, sounds like a few big pans banging together. I like the intention, but it’s not quite right yet. Too much, too fast. Too loud.


Yeah, it’s bloody too loud compared to all the rest of the sounds.

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Yep 100% agree - there’s several noises in the game which are not only far too loud, but jarring. This occuring on a regular basis is really grating and needs to either have their sound volume reduced, or possbily replaced with a different sound. Love the new ambient sounds in the game, but these periodic sounds are actually painful.


Over 90db isnt harmful for a short shock to scare you. But i wish for a setting for it in settings, Ambience storm sound whatever.

No-ones saying it’s physically hurting them - lol - it’s just very very unpleasant/annoying/irritating.

You are correct that a short shock, by itself, is insufficient. However, the storm persists and repeatedly pounds over and over and over again.

For anyone wanting more detailed information about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, check out this information guide from the Department of Health and Human Resources (U.S. government):

As stated earlier, its borderline right now. As in, not yet.

And yes, some people have reported headaches from this audio file; that’s physical. But @Decado’s basic sentiment is correct in that the majority of people are simply reporting that its very, very unpleasant, annoying, and irritating.


Agree on the sound being too loud, me and the guys almost shat ourselves the firsts time running around in circles with fear. But soon after we figured out where TF that sound came from it became an annoyance.

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taking bets now as to the likelihood someone makes a replacement mod using the chorus of ‘it’s raining men’

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Lol they could reduce the volume of thunder strikes by 50% and it would still be too loud lmao

Hey @Bodin

We’re aware of this, it’s been reported on a few threads over the past few days. Our team is looking into it.


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Also, it doesnt have to be a BOOM BOOM BOOM… just 1 BOOM is enough


Regarding the volume: it us good to see this is being brought up. I was at the beach when I first heard the sound and had zero interest in getting closer to the source fearing the volume would increase the closer I got.

That doesn’t seem to be the case though? It is just very loud everywhere on the island? thankfully, I wasn’t playing with my headset on at the time.

Don’t worry! We’ll lower the boom badaboom in an upcoming hotfix. We’ll try more of a BRWAAAAAAAAAARM Zimmer kinda horn thing.

Haha, just kidding.







Thank you for hearing us and looking into the loudness of the Surges. If I could recommend adjusting the sound based on proximity to the Surge? We can all see them on the map so notifying us via the loud boom isn’t necessary. However, the closer you are to the location of the surge when it happens, that would be quite nice and shocking.

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Well, definitely shocking. I don’t know about “nice.”
But the devs have heard us (no pun intended) and they’re working on sound changes. Let’s see what they come up with.