Siptah being ignored?

That’s a cute picture.
Legitimate grouchiness is fine.
That’s one of the pillars of internet interactions. This one is just in a very optimistic mood. Which causes time dilation.

In very short, this one thinks we are on excellent terms and is singularly unoffended, but also frequently disoriented and appreciates being reminded what year it is. :slight_smile:

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I just farm the grey ones pools and learn the recipes while farming mats and fragments.

If they added map rooms to Siptah i think the population would be better than what it is

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Siptah isn’t really big enough for that. Its wide open nature means getting from one section to another is really quick.

Actually they could make it to where the map room would port you to the elder vaults and tower.

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That sounds like Singpleplayer with extra steps.

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