Siptah being ignored?

Yeah, that is exactly that. Siptah is a DLC. Same way players using modded Maps do not expect to see all the base-game additions seen in the Exiled Lands unless they are added by the Modders.

One of the reasons Modders and Admins have to sometimes be careful setting up treasures, etc that include specific DLC content - those that did not buy DLCs won’t be able to use it.

It would be lovely if Siptah was part of the Exiled Lands, because Siptah does have some unique, fun challenges, but hey ho.


I don’t see the problem with it :man_shrugging:
The database is NOT actively used at any point… and it does not cripple or hold back anything…
It gets loaded into memory at the start and periodically written out in an async fashion when things need saving.
As such it has a very minor effect on the game itself, plus even for the initial loading, conan databases are actually quite small… it’s only the super longtime private servers with a ton of buildings that have it all inflated to GB sizes (the ones that don’t periodically hand-clean it ofc)

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I wonder what the databases look like for official servers.



but I wanted to add a heat trap. It’s wafer thin.



Pardon me while I go vomit.

Hey there @Eniguman! I had been aiming to get a reply to you. Especially seeing as how you have sent me a few now and thus far I had not reciprocated, and did not wish to seem discourteous. Apologies guy. Between my work and family commitments I am afforded little free time.

I agree that the Exiled Lands need some more features, and it would be nice if we could get the dungeon to vault ratio to 1:1 and keep both maps as even as possible. While I feel that both maps are outstanding in their own respect, and have their own merits (and caveats), I tend to gravitate more towards the Exiled Lands myself. And I had not played Siptah much over more recent months. Not because it is a bad map, but rather it has two things which bother me a little. 1) the RNG for recipe aquisition feels grueling and frustrating at times, and I feel that basic QoL recipes such as Midnight Alchemist should be on a book or tablet somewhere, and 2) it is too dark in some areas dag nammit, and I feel I shouldn’t have to use a torch when standing in the shadows in broad daylight. If those two things got some tweeking I would come flocking back to Isle of Siptah in a heartbeat.


thats indeed my biggest gripe with the siptah map and why i prefer EL. they could easily fix this by giving the werewolf boss at the grove of jorgan the recipe to drop, he should also drop the flesh for learning the jhebal sag religion. first time i played siptah i thought he would, because well… werewolf


I understand completely these issues with Siptah but over time have found my own ways of dealing with them.

For midnight alchemy I tend to keep an eye out for 1 skull animals that spawn near my base and kill then harvest them as they can drop reset potions I can then stock in a ready ice box. My current siptah server I have a full fridge of them from doing this as I still don’t have midnight alchemy.

For other things like weapon recipes or grandmaster armor or weapon mods I’ve usually been able to find someone who has it and will craft it for me given I provide the mats.

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To be fair all of you guys could always try and ask Funcom really nicely in a separate, clean and dedicated topic to simply slap one of those lovely notebook meshes down on some Spitah sidewalk to teach that one Feat of Midnight Alchemy, there’s sort of 201 of them anyway instead of 200 so removing one would make it “prettier” :slight_smile:

Seems to be the one people have an issue with in an overwhelming amount of cases when the topic of RNG comes up…

And to be fair I don’t think anybody has actually tried the “nice” approach… it’s always people barging in and making mean complaint threads most of the time (not talking about these ofc)

Except we have been doing that for years now, and to no avail. You are most welcome to give it a try if you like.

I would agree that it is the most common, but there have been others over the course of time. The recipe for the Glowstick knowledge is another mainstay. Cannot recall the others off the top of my head unfortunately.

You obviously did not read very widely in this instance then. Posted below are the results I yielded in the space of a roughly ~5 minute search. Furthermore, I would wager there are plenty of others I missed if one were to dig even deeper. So here is what my search yielded:


You’re right, I haven’t seen some of the better / on point examples from above.

Perhaps that’s part of the problem though :thinking: Because on the actual good threads there’s all like very few replies which means they probably got lost without Funcom staff ever seeing most of those.

I’m ofc not saying they don’t know about this request from players, only that they might not have seen all of these posts either and maybe just a couple of them which ended up getting more traction - but typically those have it mentioned as a side-thing mixed with a bunch of other stuff (like this thread we are currently typing in)

Who knows :man_shrugging: maybe you providing that list above will catch the eye of the dev team, since this thread is actually more popular than all of those put together :slight_smile:

As for the other recipes, I think this should be one of those “one step at a time” things… maybe that’s the actual reason reason they don’t do it…
It’s entirely possible that they would be happy to be able to do this, but don’t, because they’re afraid (and rightly so) they might have 10 other people showing up with 10 other different recipes, pointing fingers at the bestial memory potion that if this perk got taken out of RNG why can’t theirs be… and I’m certain the devs want to keep some amount of RNG on that map.

In any case, thanks for that long collection of threads on this :slight_smile:


Quite alright Xevyr, and I do hope that I did not come off as being abrasive in my reply. As it was certainly not my intention. Another common request surrounding the Isle of Siptah which sadly has also gone unanswered, and could also be of benefit in the Exiled Lands, is the ability to exchange duplicate recipes (ones we already posess or have ‘doubles’ of), for another random recipe. Or even the ability to put them through the Dismantling Bench and receieve a Recipe Fragment, requiring 3-4 fragments to construct a new random one. But alas it went unheeded. As much as I would like to do a formal request, call me a quitter if you will, but I have (sadly) consigned myself to defeat on this one. :pensive:


But we can now place thralls where ever we want when the building exclusion is turned off.

This one does believe that there is at least some attention paid here, and that sometimes it takes some time before a feature can be implemented. Would we like it faster?
Yes, of course. We humans, with our fleeting lives, are easily addicted to instantaneous gratification.
Also, this one recalls an exchange, was it years ago now?
With one of the Funcom staff who noted a tacit interest in adding something to the game, but used such vague terms that a further bit of conversation revealed they did not want to even state firm intent for (not unfounded) concern that they would later be digitally crucified if it didn’t drop at the exact moment they knew the intended release time was.
Silence does not always mean one is being ignored. It can be painful to wait, especially not knowing if your concerns, if known, are being give deliberation.

Back to the larger issue of the thread, this one wonders if issues like this are why they indicated they would not put potential future maps behind paywalls?
At some point in the space future, it would be nice to see the Siptah DLC revisited. By that, this one means torn in half with the Slave Forged armour set and Stormglass Build set sold as bundles and the map included with the base game.
Yes, this game isn’t an MMO. However, there are some comparisons to be drawn. In many cases, maps that were paid dlc one year, become included content a couple years later.

I don’t think the Siptah DLC content is being ignored, just that the Exiled Lands foundation layer is being further developed/tweaked/fixed/updated - and new content is being added at the same time.

I must go back and recheck Conan lore re golems. I am (almost) certain they were included in one of the later tales. Someone with greater lore knowledge can correct me.

As with all DLCs, mods, etc., their content is effectively just ‘skins’ on top of the core Exiled lands game mechanic. I imagine occasional completely new item templates do get introduced that have not previously existed (e.g. a pack-mount/follower with more slots or carrying capacity/durability), which cause issues. Adds, tweaks, fixes, updates, changes to the core engine via Exiled Lands, will auto-ripple through all Mods, DLCs, BattlePass and Bazaar skins. Therefore Siptah immediately benefits from updates to Exiled Lands, as does any other DLC, mod layered to the core game mechanic.

ps: I do suspect that the Core engine supporting the Exiled Lands may not indeed be as smoothly layered, but that there (please Crom!) is an attempt to retro-address that foundation layer. Update/Patch release notes make me ti=hink that this is being hard worked on. Better minds than mine will have better insights to this.

Of course. And my point here (just in case and for the record) was never ‘they do not listen’. Because they listen…and more than any other game company I have ever encountered in my life mind you. In fact I would wager that most members have seen at least one thing they desired in the game realised. For example, Bryan_Skull got his golems, Bodin got his rescue system, I got a couple of Crom items and the disable building restrictions, even Barnes’ dancing career was finally realised! Players recieved the single animal pen, Mounts were added, and there has been literally dozens of nerfs and rebalances for PvP mode, I could go on and on. Moreover, to put it out there, if you read over my post history, you will see I am one of the most vocal proponents here on the forum when it comes to urging others to remain patient, exhibit some impulse control, and and accept that it takes time for issues to be explored and solutions to be devised and implemented. And the recent few day long outage show just how much rampant entitlement some people are capable of exhibiting. So @LostBrythunian you are preaching to the choir there my good fellow. But I would have two important points accompany this. The first is that unlike the recent outage, some of these requests stretch back to October and November 2020. Which does lead me to believe that perhaps this particular request may never be realised. The second is that if it is not, thenI personally am not overly phased by it (Siptahs RNG), as I both have and prefer to play on the Exiled Lands, where it is less omnipresent. There is still plenty of fun to be had in the base game. Which is why I am just not phased. If the folks who prefer to play Siptah see this addition realised one day, then I will be sincerely happy for them. But for me the outcome is inconsequential.


On siptha pro tip do a 1000 souls surge ther it will give a priest ive you do the right one whit jebbel sag priest he will have somtimes a lot of the flesh i have still 20 in a fridge

It makes way more sense to add the dungeon and story to the map everyone has access to as part of the base game. Like wise, it kind of add to the ominous atmosphere if the eclipse didn’t effect the rest of the planet- emphasizing that it’s the result of unnatural forces. (And perhaps subtly hinting that the cause of that eclipse is due to [to paraphrase another franchise]… no moon.

Time has somewhat blurred together for this one since 2019. That was… longer ago than last year.

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LostBrythunian you owe me no apologies, especially a friend I value as much as yourself. And forgive, I do not mean to sound like I am telling how it is, it is just how I perceived the situation. Although I may absolutely be wrong and am happy to stand corrected. But…I feel like I am coming across as a grouch in this thread, even though I am not meaning to! So I am going to bow out gracefully now as a precaution.