Siptah bugs - weapons , new T3 building , Incorrect recipe

  • Incorrect recipe Frost giant’s Seat
  • Dungeons not resetting correctly. all mobs alive treasure room open and looted , occasionally RNG Legendary loot chest can’t be opened / is already looted …
  • Snapping issue with new T3 pieces
  • Black ice Piece snaps correctly new T3 is reverse snapping
  • Great sword of the legion - bugs out on thralls - is vanishing from their inventory after while

  • Bright Slice - sword has wrong icon in some smithy ( Smithy with T2 blacksmith using Dragonbone one hand icon and with T3 northern blacksmith using Sword of Crome icon).

  • Numbers of recipes (originally found in Exile Map ) using / need ingredients with can’t be obtained in isle of Siptah … U.C. venomous weapons , Frost Smithing , Bindings of dead …

  • Mounts if carry in inventory weapons tend to Arm them self - weapon will vanish from there inventory when combat starts and reappear when its finish …

its still possible to get udnermesh with the drawbridge… please fix this first

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