Siptah endgame question

Hey All,

I was wondering if there was like a final boss or area on Siptah that you work towards? I know about the pool, elder vaults, and fragments of power in the tower for recipes; I haven’t done a surge yet, but yeah… Just wondering if there is something else.


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Overall? Not sure about that. I think it’s just a rinse and repeat of pools, vaults, and surges, as well as collecting recipes and legendaries. There’s world bosses as well. The southern islands are more like end game zones, but there’s some stuff spread out throughout the islands, like the judge and so on.


Not to my knowledge. It seems to be a thunderdome environment with resources a plenty so that folks can crack eachother’s skulls in. In all reality, it’s just missing the reduction of the playable area because it’s really designed as a battle royale if you truly look at it.


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