Siptah is too dark

Siptah used to be fine before 2.3 (or was it 2.4…?) - I remember people complained about it being “too bright”, which to a degree it was (we’re speaking about “night, no Maelstrom” situation). From what I recall, Funcom did 2 things at the same time:

  • changed the night “darkness”, upon request from the players (good)
  • changed the particle/lightning system, to update it to some newer version of UE4 (ok - but it cumulated with change #1)

The result is that now the nights on Siptah are pitch black, and not even a torch can generate enough light to be able to move relatively comfortable around.

Another issue is that the Maelstrom effects now tend to radiate all around the island - without regards to the actual lightning path. It’s somewhat understandable, as the game doesn’t have RayTracing - but it’s somewhat depression-aggrevating, when you see the sun clearily, no light obstruction should be occuring - but just because there’s a storm in the middle, every square meter outside it is being turned into a dark and depressive spot. I remember it wasn’t like that, and the area outside the storm (pre the mentioned before changes) used to be somewhat normal, and it was only the storm area that was “darkened”.


I actually love that. That wondering about where I am exactly and what could be lurking around.
It makes me farm blindsight asap when I start the game on Siptah. After getting it, the game becomes easier, but the nights are never again the same. Have you tried finishing a lvl4 surge with a mace in one hand and a torch in the other? It’s tough, but really cool!
But realy, I can’t complain about darkness. Maybe it’s my tv settings and how I calibrated HDR?

Anyway, I hope you guys sort it out.

Dunno, but the result was that - despite a 40-slot server, where classic was almost always hovering around the limit - Siptah was a deserted wasteland (we’re a private server cluster that last year sported classic + Siptah, now it’s classic+Siptah+Savage Wilds - and interconnected by Amunet’s transfer mod).

We still have that that people either ask for the admins to make it again day, or just transfer out once the night hits - and I don’t blame them, as (opposite to classic or SW) - the nights on Siptah, due to the different color/particle settings (the colors on Siptah are more…saturated, I guess? Looks like a different filter is used there tbh) are really “cripling”.

And yes, I didn’t mind the pre-changes Siptah nights at all.

It can get really dark in Siptah, especially in the elder vaults (would love to get the different coloured torches and braziers from them and the leyshrines), the tower at the centre and the volcanic island in the lower SW. the maelstrom does not help matters either.

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My wife and I recently started a Siptah server ps4. In game its typically darker on her television than mine although I have tinkered with the settings finally changed the day and night settings on server still have some darker times that shouldn’t be caused by maelstrom. And vaults are really dark.

This ^^^

Yeah, the giant forests in Siptah are a bit too realistic. This is fine if you actually are in such a forest in real life - as your pupils can dilate eventually and you can see. It’s not great in a video game because your pupils adjust to the room lighting and the screen then looks too dark. And even if your pupils could adjust to the computer screen alone there is not enough dynamic range in the rendered frames with Conan - so all the details are clipped and there’s no information to see.


This one simply takes that as an approximation of how easy it is to ambush in the woods or a karst. While there are factors limiting stealth in game (glares at the health bars), between the shade, the render and clip, and the oblique angle, it is almost easy to get jumped in those areas.

However, this one can see how it would be a strain for some eyes. There are some audio ques, perhaps those would be better enhanced for those areas. The Woods and the Canyons do love their echoes.


For PvE it’s frustration when trying to forage, navigate, plan base builds, or when you’re low level and trying to avoid death by bear, lynx, or gator.


This one would almost say that is a feature rather than a bug.
Also, this one was eaten by a surprise three skull lynx on their first venture into the woods. Spawn point was in the Eastern side, and being a true man of genius (this is joke) thought to go inland by staying to the river. A sound move in the Exiled Lands… Not so much in the Redwoods.
Now, this one accepts ambushed by demon kitteh in the woods much more than they accept stealth backstab with lance from horseback for x5 damage (but that is a different gripe)… That’s how apex predators in the woods be. But clear is the recollection of strolling along and then suddenly being a corpse before the music even changed. But this one is loathe to call it anything other than how it should be.

Foraging is a pain. Honestly as much as this one loathes the second survival perk, this one would prefer it be replaced with something that gives harvestable (or just interactable) items more pop out from the background. So many items just lying in rubbish heaps and stones that can be harvested looking like default terrain pieces that cannot. However, the shadows make finding specifics much more challenging.


Hehe, I don’t think it’s going to be a very popular feature. :smiley:

New feature of our now improved rendering engine makes gameplay more realistic then reality itself! Once you experience it you won’t want to play any other game:

Like buying a book with all blank pages. :smiley:

Page 62:
“As the sun sank below the hazy red horizon the silent blackness of night settled in the forest. Suddenly we realized…”

Page 63 ~ 95 (intentionally left blank)

Page 96:
“Ronny had been eaten by a grue and the horses were scattered as if something had happened no one was aware of…”


Suddenly he realized he should have brought a flashlight?
Because the night is dark and full of horrors, and we all know it.

However, there is nothing wrong with a game that bills itself as a survival game having darkness be an actual challenge.
If it’s too much of a pain, just huff argossean dream dust.
This one jests.
Except in the darkest of situations, that stuff along with any other night eye option is painfully bright. Last time this one used the eye patch that provides that boon in the woods it seemed to strip the darkening filter before applying the shift and it was no bueno.

Seriously tho, this isn’t like baking bread in a clucking furnace rather than at the stove for counter intuitive situations. Woods and Karst terrains aren’t as well lit and are ripe for ambush.
Does Siptah need more terrain types than it currently has?
In this one’s opinion, yes.
Is the default lighting on the beach and in the Stormwrack too oblique and never a bright midday, especially considering it never rains nor is overcast other than the magi-storm?
Also, in this one’s opinion, yes.

However, this one thinks the thing that makes the low light of the areas that are worst lit most egregious is how much of the island they cover.
Roughly a third of the map, and a much larger chunk of the buildable part of the map being in the shadow zone is an issue. If we had one or two of the biomes as gloom lands it wouldn’t feel as oppressive. But when it’s nearly half… Well, that’s a different story.


That would be the ultimate answer if it weren’t also true in the middle of the day (in the forest) and in so many other biomes during the maelstrom. It’s just too dark too much of the time in too many places. When that becomes total blackness it compounds the notion that the map is too dark. That’s an opinion of course - that’s my opinion for sure. And it’s not like FC has some set sense of what the lighting level should be as they’ve radically changed it twice already (and several minor changes as well) - it’s just that the last change left a few things too dark in the opinions of most people I talk to as well as my own.

Mmm, I’m good with the beach areas and most of the open fields in Siptah. And I haven’t thought about it deeply but I think I’m OK with the biome diversity as well.

Hmm, yeah, that makes good sense!


I would say - play with settings… Brightness and Gamma…

I always tought both lands are too bright to be honsest, with gamma and bright at max i dont understand others who use torches xD… only when in caves or dungeons :smiley:

Yeah, that’s a partial fix. You can even use the NVidia or AMD controls to do it on a per-game basis so the screen looks normal for other games. However if you are on more than one CE server with different maps then you’re F’ed. What looks about right for Siptah completely blows out EL and SW.

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Going to have to say I completely disagree with you here. Either your settings are off, your eyes are off, or your monitor is off. I see perfectly fine on siptah. I play on an official server, on stock auto graphics settings in game, and stock settings on my laptop screen. Its the exact same brightness to me as exiles, but exiles has less detail and contrast. I switch between siptah and exiles land all the time. THE ONLY difference i can see throwing people off is the maelstrom. 15 min daybreak, 15 min mid day, 15 min dusk, and 15 min of nighttime is what exiles map players are used to. Throw in the 1 hour 45 min time between maelstroms and people get so bent out of shape. If you ask me, the lighting on siptah is more dynamic and realistic, but too many people are used to exiles map which is like simple lighting. Im pretty sure siptah has a newer lighting version. Oh well im happy so :man_shrugging:t2:

Bring a touch it shall shine the light! Or a hip holster for skull lantern and a holster for a horse too!!

Always things to ask funcom for you know they are for the fun.

It’s not the setting, it’s the Maelstrom’s atmospheric effects exceeding just the Maelstrom (and immediate border) region, and encompassing the whole island - even if the position of the sun should actually make that impossible, as that area wouldn’t be obstructed by the storm itself.

This was not how it worked pre the UE4 engine update from last year (somewhere between 2.3 and 2.5, if memory serves right).

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