Siptah Portal to Exile Lands - Working Proof of Concept- now stable plus updated portal system

Fill the gap until server transfers ready

Inspired by modding systems that allow map sharing and unique world construction (Atlas, Dark and Light, etc. via World Offset XYZ) by joining various maps together, we wanted to bring this functionality to Conan Exiles.

With something like this modders could add content to maps without editing them. Now anyone can add a Dungeon without conflicting with another one in a similar area. Even if a modder places something at the same physical location, with this the server/local game owner can move it. Making map mods much more flexible.

This opens up a whole new way of map collaboration, in reality a whole new expanded future for Conan Exiles. It also lowers the bar to entry for map creators because they don’t have to create a whole world. They can just join one. For example, maybe they just want to make a floating island. :slightly_smiling_face:

Find the working proof of concept that we did within the limitations of the devkit.
Look for Siptah Portal to Exile Lands mod in the Steam Workshop. :slight_smile:


I had wondered if since Yog(?) was transporting npc’s to Siptah would not the same concept work for players being whisked away by yog to Siptah?

The problem is getting back.

Siptah could be a challenge area for players to get even stronger Thralls to use.

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If I get your meaning… Siptah would become like end game content to Exiles Lands? Sounds like a cool way to integrate.

Currently our portals do work back and forth with the mod… but changing the game to actually do this would be very cool.

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To Simplify:

The portal from Siptah to Exiles mod made by Teella works

It was released on September 24th just 9 days after Siptah

Funcom could do this better without the mod kit restrictions

Funcom could encourage modders to improve how well it works simply by flipping some switches in the mod kit

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This mod is now stable and has already earned 4 stars.
There are still some gameplay tweaks to work on.

A big next step will be to bring in the dungeons.

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Amazing. I’m going to have to try this. I was pretty disappointed in the Siptah Map, but being able to travel between the two would make me want to spend time playing on it.

Apparently the devs are investigating whether some form of map transfer is feasible for them to implement, but if not, looks like this mod could be a godsend.

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Between spending a lot of time modding, testing and playing there is still much for us to discover on Siptah. So many hidden surprises! And the shaders/HD/animated fx are outstanding. We love taking our time to really see everything Funcom has brought to Siptah.

This Portal map mod of ours does not load the entire Exiles Lands game. That would be astounding. But it does bring tons. And we’ll be adding more.

If you have the KrabbitWorld Exiles mod installed you can literally fly from one map to other via unloaded Dungeon doors in some areas.

Even our Sky Island map mod works in both lands.

It’s a tremendous add to the game and we are happy to answer questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s still a work in progress but as we play every day we are logging the known issues and perks of using this mod and documenting them on the mod page.

Today’s update brings our unique teleportation code to the portal system making it better equipped to handle Unreal’s level streaming LOD system. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wha would you want that? If you can only teleport naked, it is totally useless and if you can take stuff with you, why would anyone still want to spawn surges, if he has access to nameds in CE, that would make the only reason to go to Siptah delving

If you read the faq, the posts, watch the videos etc. you will see that gameplay fully armoured up, harvesting, mining, killing mobs, capturing thralls and flying them home… all IS HAPPENING!

Not allowed to post the link here but just go to the mod page.
Look at the media.

Look for the Siptah Portal to Exile Lands mod in the Conan Exiles workshop.

The Exile Lands works with Siptah in this mod.

The exceptions and issues are few.

  • It’s not attached to the journey system
  • Soft foliage is not yet harvestable
  • We haven’t added in the dungeons yet

Watch the videos. Read the documentation and posts.
It’s fun to experience the Maelstrom in the Exile Lands.
Maelstrom mobs drop there too.

For anyone experiencing crashes when using portals from Siptah to Exiles Lands try using Sky Island as a a pit stop. It will shorten the distance. Any type of teleport should work, but if you go from Siptah to Sky Island and from Sky Island to Exiles Lands it should eliminate the crash.

This gives the engine time to deal with LOD/streaming. :slightly_smiling_face:

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