Siptah Producer letter questions / map reset

So with new map content - will the map get completely wiped? You are adding/modifying land chunks ON EXISTING land, so if someone has base in there… what will happen to that? Or will you let us know 5 minutes earlier about disabled locations and force us to ASAP migrate out of it before the server restarts?

Some people have put hundreds of hours in this map already, and it won’t be fun to just lose it at once because someone ‘on top’ (devs) forgot to inform properly those ‘on bottom’ (players)…


It is unlikely for such a major update to go on Live without being on TestLive first and the patch stays for at least a week if not more on TestLive. I am not sure how it will be handled yet but we will know soon enough.

The producer letter says, “[w]e are expanding the size of the Isle of Siptah to the south, and with these new lands the overland map size of the island will be over 90% that of the Exiled Lands. This area will be divided into three different biomes, with the Ashlands, the Floodlands, and the Savannah.”

This implies we can expect to see large encampments on this new southern land, probably the Stygian mercenaries mentioned. The black corsairs will undoubtedly be on the coasts. The third new civilization mentioned is near the tower of Siptah which means it’s in the maelstrom area and won’t have any buildings nearby anyway.


Yes, they will increase the map size and therefor also change the existing map. They will add more land to the south, and most likely change things about the existing map as well, which would make sense.

Ofc it’s a shame about your base, mate, but it IS after all Early Access, so things like this are to be expected.

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some people should not get too attached to what they achieve during EA

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From what they’ve said so far, the chunks of existing land that they intend to modify are those chunks where nobody can build, i.e. inside the Maelstrom. They’ll be adding more land, too.

All depends on the bredth the of the changes. FC have already hinted that (on Siptah) adds are being made to areas players currently cannot be built on so therefore not going to affect current builds. I am taking it as granted that there is a chance of issues and that bases near to the edge of the Maelstrom and close to the southern shoreline that may be affected.

Some people have put in thousands of hours of build over the years. Many of these players have known planned and unplanned wipes. It’s a thing. It can happen. I do hope that Funcom announce formally should Official server need to be wiped, but for extra content and land - I would be happy either way.

On Private servers, well, backups should always be done before ANY update either way (and a copy stored locally). As an Admin, UI would warm my players ahead of time of the likelihood of a Wipe so they can plan. If I were to Wipe, I would think of a way to fairly allow existing players to regain some stuff that they had (weapons, pets, t4 thralls, etc.), but I would also try to build it into the game by making it a shared disaster and then also add some content here and there to reward those that go looking for it.

I have put in nearly 6k hours into the game (split between Exiled Lands and Siptah) and have experienced many wipes, official and not. Depends on how much one enjoys a game. Rebuilding can be a lot of fun too, especially if you covet someone else’s base location. I would scout about before the Update so that if there’s a Wipe I’d already know where I will make a claim run :wink:

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I’m guessing you are on an official server and then this answer won’t help you. Sorry.
But for those that has the Pippi mod on their server (doesn’t work in singleplayer either), there is a feature called bluboard which acts as a way to save a blueprint of your build. Try search youtube for a video.

Changes in the map area means: server wipe.

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Exactly @Cormak - and, depending on how any mechanic for moving from Exiled Lands to Siptah (and/or back), let alone adding new content to Siptah, logically means a Wipe to at least Siptah (and perhaps even Exiled Lands).


To be honest if they mess with altogether the builds and players belongings may get over written to say why is my base under the ground and why is there a very tall hill here I don’t remember that 20min ago :laughing:

If i was dev, i’d build-block areas that will get modified already (like right now). So people who have anything in there, can safely migrate elsewhere without losing loot. But from experience i can tell that Funcom doesn’t care much about community. Especially after seeing last producer note, where map (dlc) that was sold as ‘new experience’ is slowly being transformed into exiled lands 2.0 (less impact of storm, vaults being just dungeons, thrall camps).

Funcom have already provisionally said that adds (for Siptah) are lieklyy reserved to the areas players cannot build in. Depending how the Siptah Surge nad (new) Purge mechanics may work, Wipes on Official may not be a thing - let’s wait and see. It would make sense to though because bases could suddenly have a large NPC camp right on their doorstep (for better or worse). Or they could find that they have ‘blocked’ something by mistake. We will see.

On Private servers though, I suspect there may be many Siptah Wipes - or at least, if modded, selected wipes in areas that cause issue. As there is a suggestion that more land may be available on Siptah (climate change to the colder), then it is likely many players will want to re-seat their bases.

All i hear from the dev letters is they are gonna push out the new map unfinished with a road map of updates lol sounds familiar right the same thing they did with the game we have now i mean look at the Xbox been broken for 6 months most people can’t play now they want to sell us another unfinished map give me a break not buying it

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