Skeleton Key Expires



I’ve seen a bunch of people online playing Conan Exiles and the Skeleton Keys they get don’t expire but mine in my single player game only last for 10 minutes and then they vanish is there a setting for this?


I have had a few since launch and they have not expired or vanished. Is it possible that they key was dropped with something unwanted? The keys are consumable. If you used one to open a chest, it is used up like a food or bandage.


i know they are one time use keys but on my game they have an expire timer just like food does


I haven’t noticed that. I see you are playing on PC; are you playing on an official server or solo/co-op?


Co-Op with my wife on LAN


huh I haven’t even been able to get a key myself on my server, that’s crappy if I will get a timer to figure it out when I finally do. But maybe they made them out of paper mache and the sweat of your body breaks down the key? XD thats a bit lame lol


I play solo/co-op on PC. I have 10 keys in my possession (from killing the alligator that camped at my pre-launch fort location.) I carry two with me and have the others in a large chest at my new base. None have vanished. It might be a glitch on your side, or a bug triggered by something I have not done yet. I have not noticed where a key timer could be set on the admin/settings.

Since you are using a private server (solo/co-op) you can admin the keys back into the inventory. Test the admin keys to see if they have timers as well.


I’m fairly certain that you’re experiencing a bug if your keys are disappearing without being used.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to fix it as I have not run into it myself.


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