Skittering Cavern Boss Glitch

I was in the Skittering Cavern for the purpose of gathering ichor and had my thrall take on the Spider boss there. During the fight the boss kind of got stuck on a rock pillar. Then it eventually glitched up into the cavern ceiling. I climbed all the way to the top of the exterior of the Skittering Cavern and didn’t find the boss up there. However, upon reentering the cave the boss was back in it’s original spawn location with full health. My poor thrall had to effectively kill the boss 2x’s just to get credit for killing it 1x.

Here’s a pic of the boss glitched into the ceiling:

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Thought I would add that the same thing happened at King’s Niche. The boss glitched up into the ceiling after getting a bit buggy around a pillar.

there are rumors among bosses that players no longer fight them, only bring indestructible thralls that win every time and with no other effort then time

some of them decided to hide


Hi @Technicolorfool, thank you for your report and screenshots, the issue has been registered.

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This bug just happened at Buccaneers Bay with Razor Gord getting stuck on some barrels and teleporting up onto the sails above him.

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