Sky Bases are funcom going to fix?

Hiya Funcom. Now you have removed bubbles can you please explain if you have taken any steps to remove sky bases from the game? I mean let’s face it, this was a huge problem before but removing god bubbles will only compound this. Soon we will be running around empty servers as everyone will have a base in the sky. Would welcome any clarification on this before giving you any more money in the form of battle pass etc. and I would urge any fellow pvp conan players to do the same.

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Fully support. Also reduce the height at which you can build. It doesn’t make sense that you can build so high that the edges of the map are visible…


Considering that in the livestream where they were discussing the upcoming new purge system for chapter 2 they were literally joking about sky bases, I would not hold my breath. This should be a far higher priority than land claim, the same goes for undermesh bases, but clearly it is not and has not been for some time. :woman_shrugging:

Seriously! I didn’t see the stream but that’s terrible. I wonder if teams that play fair and don’t build
Undermesh or on the sky but now are forced to build more defenses to combat god attacks without a bubble will still be penalized!? Sadly if they do then funcom has enabled a cheaters charter and the pvp side will truly be dead…

No god protection = wipes if not online. GG funcom. I’m sure content providers would be more than happy to speak to you about the game, why not engage with us?

well you describe the exact actual state,

and if you want to know when they treat a ticket for cheaters they give the exact same sanction than for a normal legit player that just play the game, yes they apply 2 weeks for people abusing and griefing intentionaly a whole server using skybase or deep undermesh skybase, hard to believe, isn’t it ?

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