Slightly too big off gap at new NPC camp

This is the camp just by the Serpent Wayshrine. Which I didn’t remember actually.

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Took me a min to spot it. Upper post floating above lower post, for anyone else curious.


Yes, sorry, it was a bit more noticeable when walking up.

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Hey @arthurh3535

Thanks again for the feedback.
We’ve sent this report to our team who will look into it.
As an extra piece of information that would help us immensely, could you let us know the exact location of this issue? Either an ingame screenshot of the map location, or the coordinates (by pressing Ctrl Alt Shift L) would be great.

Thanks in advance!

TeleportPlayer 26838.726563 -35745.902344 -13221.52832

Didn’t look as messed up this time, but it probably could overlap a bit more so it doesn’t look funny at range when walking up.

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Thanks for the additional info. It’s been added to the file we sent to our team :slight_smile:

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