Disappearing into the map at buccaneers Bay

Seems to be if I touch the ground anywhere near buccaneers Bay I just go straight into the bottom of the map it is happening in any other server?

Real quick need more info. Are you on official or unofficial server. Are there any mods installed. What platform are you on. If official which one. Are you entering through the same place if so try a different path to see if it’s that spot or just the whole area. I know you said anywhere near if so show a picture or video to help solve it way easier also I will grab @Hugo as this is more of a bug than a question

I did not realize I was in a private server the issue was fixed :joy:

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PHEW glad to hear it. :laughing:

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Did you recently alter anything in that area, Nicole? Sounds like a bug that may re-appear. Official vs private shouldn’t matter for mesh issues, unless there’s mods installed.

Just curious:

It happens with my thralls only, the ones i wanna tame and only at bucaneers bay😭

For my situation it was because it was a private server and it had not been rebooted in quite some time have not had the problem any other time other than this one time

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