Slope walls won't snap to walls/platforms below when building

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: America

There appears to be a maximum distant of 3 to 4 tiles you can place a platform (ceiling) from a foundation and build walls and fences on their edges, however this does not seem to work for sloped walls, (right left and inverted of both seem to fail. Considering that full walls and fences connect as they should to the all platform edges as long as they are placed, I assume this is a bug.

As it stands I often have to use a full wall instead of the half sloped wall making the design pretty unpleasant and not what it should be.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Place a foundation
2.Attach the maximum of 3 to 4 platforms to extend from the top of the foundation
3.Attempt to place a sloped wall on all edges of the furthest platform, or a wall and sloped on top of that wall

This will work with full walls, but not sloped

Sloped walls and ramps are a weird animal. They behave differently to support and seem to need more of it.

For. Examples I was building an arch using inverted and regular sloped walls. I could place one side 2 out but the other side wouldn’t place until I placed ceiling tiles inbetween the invert and the slopes.

You also can’t place ramps first and then the slopes in most cases, sloped walls have to be placed first. Try placing ceiling tiles in the betweens and it’ll offer enough support.

Sometimes you can get away with placing a support wall or floor and then delete it later too. Something about the system has to be cheated to place, but then it’s fine afterwards.