Slow but steady bug fix plan?



maybe they know that ps4 and in some cases pc, bugs are numerous, but they are hoping to fix a few bugs each paid content update. this plan would be ok if they were transparent and there weren’t added bugs each update and even still major issues with the ps4 version.

there should be a lemon law for gamers. truly at this point CE is not what funcom normally produces (at least after such a long time try to fix things). i can’t justify a risk in spending more money until some sign that they are aware of issues and patch some of the known ones out.


Paid content update? You mean the large patch that is currently sitting on test live that is a free update?

DLCs, now and the future, are all cosmetic based. All content based updates (pets, religion, new dungeons, etc) are free. Funcom has been clear about this since February.

I encourage you to read the weekly newsletters, watch the various dev streams, and check out Joel’s Firespark YouTube interview if you feel there is a lack of transpancy.


Sadly I have read the newsletters. All lip service now. What are we looking at, a week, a month, 6 months before we get all this said free content.


There’s no rush to get the new content out. What matters is that it’s solid, doesn’t break a bunch of things and does not “un-fix” old bugs.


wow, latest news letter is only there to say there will be updates now only once a month or more. AND we will now have a grid on the map. unreal, the ps4 and somewhat pc version needs a cleanup build and combat lag needs to be fixed. so so many bugs still exist and they now have switched to slow mode.

this is not the funcom you are looking for…


Updating a game without wiping people’s progress is a whole different can of worms.

Perhaps allowing 3 different CE branches on steam (testLive, Modded and Vanilla) as 3 different instances (or games…) on steam would make the wait between patches more endurable.

I want to play on Necrobiles server and play some TestLive, but don’t wanna juggle mods all day.


You’re able to set up different clients for Live and TestLive (and set up different Desktop shortcuts for either). I imagine the same would be possible for any number of “modded” versions, too, though come update day it’s probably a bit of a PITA. Still, might be worth looking into. I’d much rather mods be handled in a more streamlined fashion of course, but that’s still some way out.


Yeah, they spoke enthusiastically about the auto-mod downloads for private servers a couple months back, but haven’t touched the topic since. I hope that feature does make it out soon, as it’ll definitely help out people wanting to try out different private servers and the servers themselves.


I miss the days when games were finished when they canned them on CD/DVD and sold them on a shelf and then later had add-ons to buy which changed things but was also finished. Things sure are different now! Now even with apps you patch all the time and the patches are pretty big and then you look at the whole game size and you go what??? When did this happen??? No wonder my hard drive/phone has no room.

When Conan Exiles was released in May, I thought the startup screen was telling me that it’s “Unreal” how many times you are going to crash and lag in this game. I kept reloading and there it was again “unreal”, and I found myself saying this is unreal! How could a finished product have this many problems? Fast forward today the crashing is way better, performance is meh, and bugs are numerous, and there has been a ton of patches/fixes! Things sure are different now!

You’d think that deploying patches these days, as they are so numerous, could be done quick and easy on consoles as on a PC but you’d be wrong! Funcom is definitely slower than other game companies at giving solid, working, updates. Who knows how long if ever that consoles can get their hands on mods? If they had a huge team like Epic Games they’d probably have finished the game with everything they promised before launch and by now the game would probably have few if any bugs, crashes and performance issues. Hell, the map would have been rebuilt and mounts would have been at launch most likely, but when you’re small/few everything takes forever!

Conan Exiles made a lot of money and if they put money into a bigger team to fix conan the DLC could really pay off making them a bigger pile of money. I say double down on the game that saved Funcom!

I don’t want lemons… …I want sweet lemonade!


What, specificially are you wanting to be cleaned up?


i am ok to wait as long as it is needed for the new content to be released.

i am NOT ok to wait for the new content to hit so funcom deliver patches to the broken things that already populate in the live branch.

they should at least throw hotfixes to fix broken things in the live branch…

as it is ,i DONT EXPECT any fixes to the live branch content of conan exiles until the new content is realeased. @tascha doe this approach makes any sense to you? cause it does not makes sense to me at all.

Best regards.


Creating a bunch of hotfixes delays everything else. They would have to separate out the hotfixes, test them, they could be tied to new code and blueprints put in for the new features, etc. It’s not something you can just, plop out and plop in like a spare tire.


if that is the case . so be it… fixing the broken stuff that is currently released is more important right now for the game than releasing new content.


if they want to be slow then bump up the ingame Decay timer and also extend or remove the Forum Lock Time…


yeah you can, 90% of the bugs in this game have been fixed multiple times and they keep breaking the fixes


That’s actually true all the way back to EA. It’s a check and uncheck list of fixes. Some stay checked though.


We have earned a lot of money and saved the company from bankruptcy. Thanks god and our mighty playerbase, but we sitill have a lot of problems bug fixing and updating missing content, what can we do?

A: Hire some new people to increase bugfixing, give our customers a good service and make them happy. They will acquire our games in the future for sure.

B: Let’s bring them a slow but steady bug fix plan.


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