Slow-Mo Walking Bug

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Animation
Server type: PVE
Region: US

When I stop holding the movement keys, the character continues walking in that direction in super slow-motion animation. Sometimes for several seconds.

This is not due to ping; I’ve monitored the ping while its occurring, it stays consistently low.

I have noticed a correlation between FRAME RATE and the bug occurring. It seems that if my frame rate is capped (120 FPS for me, max monitor refresh), the bug occurs almost all the time, this is far more common in indoor areas where the frame rate is highest. When I’m outside (usually between 70-100 fps) the animation bug does not appear to occur as much, if ever.

EDIT: Graphics settings were on AUTO, so I don’t know what it selected to get those framerates. I’ve set it manually to Ultra; and I get 70-80 fps indoors… Lo and behold, the animation bug is not occurring. Definitely tied to high frame rates.


  • Core i7 9700k
  • Geforce 2080 Ti
  • 5120x1440 @ 120 Hz

Good, thorough report, Arch. I would have one more question since the term slo-mo (sorta) may be used to two different ways.

Is this the console command slomo x.xx enabled in admin mode, or the walk-don’t-run enabled by using the backspace key during normal gameplay?

If the latter, I tried, but could not replicate it in single player.

If it is, I could gladly try to reproduce online private. While our servers are similar, I am limited to 60 fps (projector).



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Hi @ArchV, thank you for your thorough report and sharing your findings, we’ll be sure to relay this information to the developers.

Just to clarify on one thing, even though the animation slowly loops as the issue occurs, is there any movement at all? Can you also confirm this occurs when playing with a keyboard and mouse?

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In reply to the posts above:

It’s definitely not actually slowmo via the console, or normal walking speed. It’s much slower than walking speed.

There IS also motion as well as the animation, I do move forward (slowly); or whatever direction I happened to be going when I stopped, even backpedaling will continue moving and animating slowly.

One other thing I’ve noticed, the majority of the time when I lift my finger off the key, the model comes to a complete stop into the idle anim, but then almost immediately starts this awkward slow animation / movement for a random duration… I’ve seen it be as short as a second, and I’ve had it continue so long that the model would cross 2 foundations worth of space over about 8 seconds or so.

I’ll see if I can capture of video or something of this in action; but ever since I boosted the graphics to Ultra; I never quite make it to 120 fps, and I haven’t seen the issue occur. I’ll lower the setting and see if it will repro again.

(for the record as a side note, I -am- a professional game developer (programmer) of 20 years, and 12 shipped titles so this stuff is kinda my thing, heh)


Ok, the best way I found to show this was to record video of the monitor on my phone. I can’t get screen capture stuff working since the framerate is a factor in the bug.

I dropped my settings to MEDIUM so I can get a solid 120 FPS. I also recalled that it was really bad in the newbie starting desert, because the framerate is so great out there with nothing around.

Here’s a video I took with my phone, if you listen carefully you can hear when I press and lift-off keys. You can tell its not the slowmo command, as everything else around is full speed (bird shadows, hair, etc).

Also, the bug was so bad out here, the animation would not stop for a LONG TIME, I usually had to interrupt it with more movement key presses. The last strafe to the left I let it go until it stopped naturally. The “slow” part is actually much faster out here than it is elsewhere. It’s almost as if the framerate that it WOULD BE plays a factor in the animation speed… for example if it’s really 210 fps out here vs 125 somewhere more detailed. At 125 fps the slow part is reeeeeally slow. I can make a video if that too if needed.

One other piece of data: This is accomplished in SINGLE PLAYER. It also occurs in multiplayer where I first noticed it. Also, other people on the server DO see me moving in slow motion when the bug occurs.

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Yes only occurs with keyboard and mouse. No controllers or anything else plugged in.

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