Slow response time / heavy lag and rubber banding

It’s been 5 days that I can’t move my character. I rubber band right back. I can roll around but only after I press X a billion times and even then the direction is off. Everything around me is slow and freezes for a second. Commands don’t react quickly. I’ve got to press the button constantly. Example: Click square multiple times to open a chest. Then direction multiple times. It’s takes 5 mins to get a chest open and another 5 to get to what I want to take out…what’s the issue? I’m not able to play the game :frowning: I’ve tried everything. Router refresh. Reinstalling the game. DNS changes. My PS4 is hardwired. I’ve noticed the server ping is at 99 from 70 but a friend on the same server has the same ping and they can play fine. Official #3533 PVE

Make a bug report, follow the instructions include any fixes you’ve already attempted (if any) and be patient (responses to happen but not instantly).

Thank you. I posted there :crossed_fingers:

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