Small water well in the desert issues a large land claim

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: North America

One of our players placed a small water well in the desert as an aid to other players.
This structure is causing a land claim issue for quite a large radius, which is undesired.
Such a simple fix, can we please not count such water sources as a land claim structure?

Please address this for the other small water sources as well, the Mitra one, and perhaps another decorative fountain.

Here are the coordinates of the well, and the closest that one can place another object / thrall.

TeleportPlayer 24286.193359 126972.578125 -8653.12207
TeleportPlayer 20694.251953 128624.835938 -8635.263672

Steps to reproduce:

  • Buy someone flowers…
  • er… Place small water well
  • Try to have another player place another structure near it
  • Fail

Hey @bedwin

This is how the land claim system works with this and other placeables and building blocks.


Right, players understand what a land claim is.
Is a Water Well really a foundation piece which should have land claim applied?

If someone placed a Map Room, we could place our entertainer thralls or lights nearby.

Which of these following example structures would you expect a land claim from?

  • Wooden Signpost - none
  • Map Room - none
  • Water Well - huge
  • Statue of Refreshment - huge radius about 50 steps
  • Pool of Refreshment - ?
  • SImple Tent - ?
  • Standing Torch - none
  • Fish Trap - none
  • Campfire - none
  • Bedroll - none
  • Wooden Box - none
  • Folding Bed - none

Players are trying to help other players by placing water sources but we end up needing to inform them they are blocking everything else. Hence, the purpose of this post.

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Technically on official servers that won’t be a problem because these structures will decay rather quickly when placed on the ground or? What I mean is that it sounds like a self-created issue. While it doesn’t appear to be a bug, I guess it could be considered as a suggestion.

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