Anyone know Wells really well?

Was rebuilding part of the base, specifically the building housing our large water well. Tried to place a second well on the floor above and got the “too close to another of the same type” message which I thought only applied to shrines.

Tried to google it and didn’t come up with anything, anyone know the distance you need for an additional large well?

Currently have one in a 3-high building, added a 4-high second floor and still can’t place it on the 3rd. Official PvP Xbox blah blah blah.

Last time i tried it, 4 walls high was enough… Had 6 large wells set ,. 3 on ground and 3 more on floor above. So might wanna try this…

I tried at 7 walls high and it was too close.

My understanding is claim / occupation is infinite on the Y axis (up & down)
so moving along the x axis is the only way to place another well.

I could be wrong, but I believe anything that land claims works this way.
other than building pieces.

@Zeb you are my hero (heroin?), I can’t believe that I was one friggin wall short!

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Thank you @Zeb I knew the infinite up and down didn’t seem right.
But someone I thought reliable told me it was a limit of the unreal engine.


That’s it then, your Reliable Sources List should include Zeb and me so far. :smiley:

While landclaim is a cylindrical area from basement to ceiling, it has no relation to where certain “special” items can be placed. These items include Shrines, Fountains and Wells.

At one brief point in the very old days, Avatar Protection only worked vs other religions, so the task with any pencil/column base was to attempt to place shrines on the appropriate level of the tower. It’s been a long time since I tried it, but I think the restriction for temples is likewise, seven blocks high.

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Can you put fishtraps in a large well and get fishes like that ?

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Thanks. I’ve seen fishtraps in large wells in picture from players but since I never experimented it, I wasn’t sure it was possible.

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