Smelter's Are Stealing The Family Silver - Off With His Hands

Love the idea that we can make coins - can’t wait to have chests of money in my base, but wait, the Smelter IS a thief !! :slight_smile:

So I get some Silver Ore - 3 of those makes 1 silver bar, nice.
I can then make them into Coins, great, 1 Bar makes 5 Coins, nice.

Now I have some Coins and need a Bar, wait what?, The smelter needs 30, yes 30 of my coins to make a single Bar?!?!

I think he’s on the fiddle guys. Off with his hands :slight_smile:


Wow… you know times like these thieves would have chopped their hands of. at least the left ones… :smiley: just how you said it.

Silly EA bugs right? Where are the exterminators when we need em? :smiley:

To be honest i wasn’t catch this because I wouldn’t bother to put a coinmold into the furnace at all. there are plenty of coins to get as loot. So nice catch. :smiley:

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I dont bother making coins at all. nothing worth buying.

I only do it to have treasure chests of gold and silver coins in my base :slight_smile:

having said that, now the pirates will be looking for your base. :smiling_imp:

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I only play PvE :slight_smile: PvP is too toxic and frustrating for me, I enjoy a peaceful life.

same although I have pvp enabled on my server for friends. I just have a server rule.
no open pvp or raids unless your clans declare war with each other and if you pve and join in a pvp battle, you are now part of the war declaration.

boots and bans for violators.