So FC how are we going to be compensated?

Yes I’m talking about the bans and the horrible state of the game with all the bugs and the horrible combat changes just being left as is for at least a MONTH before they even BEGIN to start looking at these issues, let alone doing anything ABOUT them. Seriously, you have grossly wronged your customers. And you haven’t even said you’re sorry. You haven’t explained why you ignored the feedback from players regarding the awful combat changes on test live. This is inexcusable. Seriously, this time you’ve crossed the line.

So what are you going to do to make amends to your players?

And players, what would you seriously and fairly suggest?


I don’t think players are owed compensation. It’s our call to either stick around or leave.

Funcom messed up pretty badly but it’s solely up to them to restructure their behavior if they’re interested in preventing issues like this each chapter. If they don’t, then the impetus is on the players to turn elsewhere.

The best resolution to this would be Funcom stepping back and working with longer development cycles. Quality assurance can require weeks of testing, and player feedback needs to be considered and implemented into an update so that the bases are covered BEFORE release.


I personally dont have an issue- they got back to me and resolved within 24 hours from the time i sent my email to them .Thats is good customer service as far as im concerned.

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As compensation we have received their “sincere apology”. That will probably be it and we get to choose whether to accept/swallow that or not. It will be a personal choice

If we don’t, we should go somewhere else or stop funneling money into the bazar, so am still debating that.

I would only like to receive quality instead of quantity in the future.

Let the updates and new chapters be released for example only twice a year, but let them be thoroughly tested and released in no rush. This could prevent consequential pardons and hotfixes and dissapoitment.

I don’t think that many players would demand any new booms and changes every three months (this could be only BP content which changes more often), but the big new updates don’t have to be that frequent. This way such a major bugs and fails can be prevented and it also means less stress for the developers and the whole team.

Could be win-win for everyone.


One of the most constructive posts and most correct and sensible suggestions here that I have read in a long time. :+1:


I’m not against slower update cycles at all. The problem is the players tend to be in one of these categories:

Those who want slower updates.
Those who don’t care (indifferent, not apathetic).
Those who want updates ASAP.
Those who ‘say’ they want slower updates, but want them ASAP.

The majority of players unfortunately are those bottom two. The moment FC does a slower update cycle they’ll be the first ones on here explaining how they paid hundreds of dollars, played thousands of hours, hiring a team of lawyers to sue, and how they’re going to tattle to the world on X, youtubes, and whatever fotm social media is going on.

So I doubt there will be a change outside the 4 chapter schedule going forward. Couple this with the fact that they do need to pay their people and keep the lights on. And due to the mental facilities of the average person, they need to do a major update in order to get hype for new services (bazaar). In-game shops NEVER (in any game) drive their own hype.

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You have a solid point here @Taemien.

Me myself also think that my opinion is more like some utopian idea which can never work for real. Because if it could work, it would already be on. But the main demanding groups of players lead the direction in those matters, sadly.

Then if you think a bit back considering the past, there were a years without any change, meanwhile this game was still holding between the people who loved it as it is was. I get it was not that profitable, but no one was asking for some rollercoaster changes and similar stuff, it was mostly about fixing some ongoing bugs and maybe addings some content.

What is going on now is in my opinion too much. I hardly get used to new content, styles, changes, and suddenly there is another one. :smiley: It really has to be about target group of players, which is probably not gonna be composed of long time hardcore fans of this game.

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I dunno about that last sentence about long time hardcore fans, but I can only speak for myself. I’ve been around since the early access days myself, and I think I got maybe 800 hours played before I exhausted everything (multiple times) that was available. The game was ‘beat’ and ‘completed’ for me. And around this point I would have easily stopped playing and moved on to newer things.

But another friend of mine wanted to get into it, and I decided to play with them because… sure I’ve beaten the game, but games are always better with friends. This time I was exposed to more server types than simply default setting PVP as well as user generated content.

That kept my attention for a while, and around this time we started seeing some changes to how the endgame worked, thralls got useful and were now farmable outside of crafters, and then a bit later we got Isle of Siptah. I had taken short breaks here and there, but always had something to come back to in Conan.

Ever since Age of Sorcery its been interesting to play with some hard dedication and then take a break towards the end of a chapter and come back when it releases. There’s a pretty decent cycle of play and break that I’ve had with Conan that has kept the game very fresh for me.

Now this is where things can only be spoken from my point of view. As I do play on and off. I don’t play every chapter for 100% of the several weeks it is out. I have a rotation of games I go between and occasionally try a new one.

I can imagine that those who have played every day for the last 5 years are fatigued by the changes. But I’ve said this over the years, the issue isn’t really the changes, the issue is the fatigue itself. Unless you’re a speedrunner who literally streams as their career, sticking with a single game for years is the single best way to hate your favorite game. And we see this quite a bit.

It takes forever to break that mindset too. Its very easy to say… ok I’ll take a month off… then come back and be like… I hate it. Well yeah you wanted to come back to the game you left, not to the game that is (bugs and unforeseen consequences aside). But the game you left will get quickly stale and old.

Exactly. I feel overwhelmed by the speed of release of new content.
Whenever I can play, I am too busy completing the Battle Pass in fear to miss the items before they renew it, and can only enjoy bits of the game and its changes.
I wish things would be more spaced like they were before.

Is it a generational issue? Most of the players I met in the private servers were aged 30-65 y.o., and before the launch of the Ages, it did not feel as if they were minding the slow pace of changes in Conan Exiles. If anything, Conan before the Ages would mainly gather a niche community: people who grew up with Conan’s lore.

I understand it is a business and the players with a fast pace of gameplay are more beneficial to the companies sometimes, but is Conan Exiles’ player base that kind of public? I do not feel like the Ages would change the player base all that much. The players who have loved the game so far were pleased with the creation of Ages, of course, but I do not feel like they would have pressured the team for a release of new contents within a 3-4 month interval.
Having a novelty or two every 6 months would have felt like a great change already.

Let us take the example of the mounts. People waited a long time for combat mounts, and their launch was a success. If we could wait for the rhinos, we could have waited longer for the camel mounts too.

The people who got wrongly banned have a right to be angry and to be compensated. The rest of us, though, naw. The purge bugs are managable, and though the new combat stuff sux, it’s not cost us our bases like the last two updates did. So really, this one isn’t as bad as the Nemedian foundation bug or the decay timer bug, so I don’t think compensation for the non-banned players is warranted.

The banned players, tho, shew. I don’t know what to say. They have every right to pissed.

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Its sad to say but people need to learn that funcom will never stop ducking up , its in there nature at this point , dont get me wrong there probably nice people , but there incompetence and the higher ups that give the green light basically killed the game , for a fact at least the xbox community is no existent at this point.

People either got permabanned for building or some type of year long bug has stopped them from playing .

I for one tried staying urging people to stay , that funcom would fix everything eventually , but after getting permabanned for meshing to raid a mesher and sky bases still being a thing or these countless stupid changes to the meta , i simply quit , now all i do is try and help people on the forums :disappointed_relieved:

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If you ever need to complete the battlepass , funcom always do a xp multiplier every last week of the season , just go into SP and complete it in about 5 min with admin commands ,wont be as fun as cpmpleting it legit , but atleast its not stressful :joy:

Weird question , but does anyone get the feeling that funcom or designing the game to be like a 4 player rpg ? And the updates are mostly for there satisfaction with a sprinkle of actual changes that the community wants?:thinking:

I think they need to do a age of health chapter , were they just fix everything and look at feedback , then after everything is fixed or balanced they can start making content , then by chance if the new stuff is bugged thats all they will have to work on :joy:

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Are they still selling the 7 euro lemon tree :joy:?

I feel like funcom generally just need to be more proactive with the community , since it would be kind of easy since the community isnt really the biggest anymore and most threads on the forums are the same problems or desires .

Like i think most pvp players would be happy if they simple heard from funcom that there working on fixing meshes and skybases or same goes for PvE were they actually tell us what we are going to get , not the usual 5 days before launch they just spring it on you :joy:

I wish I had known that before.

We lost all of our thralls and pets the day before the update, and he did not manage to complete his Battle Pass. That double blow made him so frustrated that he was wondering if he wanted to play again. I barely convinced him to take it as a chance to start again with the new tavern system to recruit new thralls after the update, and we had some horses in the fridge which could have helped too.

The day of the update? I was banned with a negative balance of Crom Coins. My clan mate was not, but when he learnt about my case, forget about the chance to start again, his mind was back to being frustated.

Today? I learned that my friend would stop playing Conan. I was unbanned shortly after.
The blow is hard.

Since we were playing on an Official Server, I am now wondering if I should cut the size of our base by half, or just let it decay completely and head to a private server.

Personally if i was you i would go to private , official is riddled with cheaters or hackers on pc , that way you can play on a server that has active admins that will actually help you if something happens in game .

And most are boosted so its a lot more casual to play, some even have offline protection, all up to you on finding a good one do😂.

I will think of it. The admins of the private servers often left me with a bitter taste lol.
Should I join one, I am looking for a PvE vanilla server with the decay turned off. Because of my schedule, I cannot afford to always play within the 10 day limit.