So how come I can't back up and swing in combat?

Why was this action not allowed. It’s a valid action. Every time I back up if I swing I end up moving forward. Why can’t we swing and back up at the same time?

Here I checked for you on my game as it seems the character takes a step forward in the animation during a swing.

Yeah it makes no sense in combat to do this.

So much for intelligent and smooth combat lol.

This is valid move in real life combat. Not sure if the game mechanics allow for this. Perhaps you can suggest this to the dev team. They do read the suggestions.

Probably the same reason we can’t attack while in mid jump too… Devs just didn’t program it in…

It does make it annoying when you’re attacking something that is standing still like world object as you tend to move past the target so have to either wait and back up before attacking, or turn and attack from other side. Looks silly as hell…

Because Funcom’s lack of foresight led to them being content with a crappy combat system that they scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up a few months before official release… you could say wow what an achievement or you could say get it right in the planning stage so you don’t have to blow the whole thing up to make something out of it.

honestly the old combat was fine sure it was a little boring but at least it didnt Lunge you like 20 ft forward and there no Down attack with swords. I dont know why they spent so much resource on combat but… its what ever happen happened.

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