So... I found this guy (spoilers, just in case) while farming brimstone


Is he always passive/non-aggressive? Or he is just broken in my game?

I passed right by him while gathering all the brimstone I wanted and he didn’t even move once :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I could have sworn he wasn’t there last time I went to farm brimstone to that very spot :slight_smile:

Another thing, unrelated… but related, I also found the Child of Jhebbal Sag and he spoke of deformed trees that are constantly screaming… wasn’t he referring to the trees in this precise location (by that, I mean, the brimstone lake…) because he is in a completely different area now and there aren’t any trees around him (at least, not any abnormal trees, at least.)

I found him too but haven’t since so maybe he is a rare spawn. I disregarded what he said to be honest as I was doing something else when I happened upon him lol.

That’s a good point… perhaps he is.

I never saw him before, and I was surprised when I saw him appear on the distance while I was on the upper side to the lake… and I was hesitant to approach since I was overburdened and didn’t want to fight a long fight while encumbered like that.

Now I’m gonna visit the brimstone area next time I play to see if he is there again, and this time I will be more prepared to fight him, if he aggroes.

I think I wacked him and he didn’t agro lol. I tend to hit all the npc’s just in case they want to fight so I can have their loot!!

this is world boss that drops Key for legendary chests. There are more of this guys all over the map. They are passive till the moment you hit them. They have terrible hit box, and movement animations so they are very hard to fight.

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That’s strange… I’ve found most of the other world bosses (probably all, at this point) and none of the others are passive… if I get close to them, they instantly aggro. And I fought all of them (minus the spiders, the Rhino and these tree looking ent guys.)

Take the big spiders, for example… if I get close to their area of influence (IDK distances, but I’d say about 20 to 30 paces?) if they aren’t seeing you, they start moving around like they were looking for you and if by doing that they finally see you, they start chasing you and fighting.

The white leopards aggro from a longer distance even (or so it seemed to me…) And Rhino and Elephant ones too.

The Croc boss in the lake aggroed when I got closer but not if I stood some paces away from him, while the normal ones charged me from farther away than him.

It seems each of them has an aggro distance that’s different from the others.

Perhaps these type of guys (I saw other of them in the northern lands too… much in the same circumstances too, when I was fully loaded and didn’t want to fight) are pacific for some reason… and that’s what I was trying to confirm with my post here :slight_smile:

Is he pacific for everyone? Or perhaps for these the aggro distance is so low that you have to hit them for them to turn aggresive? Is the other one I saw in the norther-west forrested area of the northern land also pacific too? (I’d have to go there again and check…)

In the case of this one in the screenshot I stood almost standing in his face and pushed into him, but didn’t attack him (I know attacking him would have started a fight and I didn’t want that at that time… I was just curious of the aggro mechanics and why he wasn’t aggroing me.)

Walk up to him and talk to him repeatedly and he will tell you a story.

He is always in the same place and is a static talk to him for lore NPC similar to others dotted around the map.

yes, this tree ents or what ever you call them are pacific to everyone. PvP, PvE, Private servers or single player… they are passive. When you attack, the turn hostile and hit very hard. Sometimes you may find them wandering around - if some other player already attacked him but didnt finished it and left the spot - while moving, they are aggressive. While sleeping… they dont care

Thank you! Good to know then that it wasn’t a glitch on my game.

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