So Isle of Siptah PVEC

This is just an analgy.

Due to decay timers being turned off on all Pvec servers.
Thanks to the never ending loading screen glitch on the Exiled lands Pvec servers.

The experience on the Isle of Siptah is now being affected by the same problem on all official Pvec servers.
Due to the fact that all decay timers are disabled .
’ Rubbish everywhere’ especially land claims of which the owners are no longer playing
Why are decay timers not separated from the Exiled lands until you fix the problem with these servers.
Can you please turn on decay timers on the Isle of Siptah official Pvec servers :pray:

I and many others appreciated the gesture to save our bases and the years of work supporting the community on our Pvec servers. ’ which we will hold you to!
As we’re all still waiting to get back to our base’s.
My self and many others have made another investment by purchasing the Isle of Siptah Dlc, only to be affected by the same problem all be it in a different way.
@Community .


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